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You should wait until the 'wound' has completely healed with no oozing or bleeding and when the scab has fallen off. If you swim before this you may be putting yourself at risk of getting an infection which could mean you have to take you piercing out whilst it heals again and then it will close up altogether.

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Is it safe to swim after getting your navel pierced?

I should think so. My friend just got her belly button pierced two weeks ago and we went swimming the other day. Ask yourself this: is it safe to go swimming right after getting your ears pierced?

How old do you have to get your navel pierced?

i had my navel pierced at 13 and it was done legally with a parents permission

Has Miley Cyrus got her navel pierced?

There are pictures of Miley with a pierced navel. But weather the piercing is real or not is unknown.

Can your aunt sign for you to get your navel pierced in Mississippi or Alabama?

I live in Mississippi. Can I get my aunt to sign for me to get my navel pierced? What if I go to Alabama?

Can you get your navel pierced at 12?

Yes, you can get your navel pierced at 12 years of age in the UK but in America the legal age is 14 and over.

Should you take your belly bar out after weeks of having it pierced?

Unless you have a good reason for wanting to take out the jewellery (hospital x-rays), there should be no need to remove the jewellery from a navel piercing.

If you are an avid swimmer will having your navel pierced be a problem?

everytime you have your belly button pierced, they say not to go swimming at least after 4 weeks but if you have to, then you must clean it more regularly with a special cream. id suggest going to your local piercing shop and ask them to tell you if it would be ok, or how much time you would have to have off swimming. you could also then ask them what kind of special soap to wash it with if youre going to be swimming!

Does Nicole Anderson have her navel pierced?

she doesn't have her navel pierced but she does have her tongue pierced on the show Jonas(i've seen it before with my little sister) if you look really closely in the opening and she jumps up you can see it.

Does you parent have to be with you when you get your navel pierced?

If you are under 18, then yes.

Were can you i get navel pierced at 13 in Ottawa?

a place in ottawa

Get pierced in the early stage of pregnancy?

Why would you get your navel pierced in the early stage of pregnancy? YES im assuming you mean a navel piercing. Otherwise what was the point of asking this.

Can you have both top and bottem of your bellybutton pierced?

Yep. The top is a standard navel and the bottom is an inverse navel.

How many piercings does Demi Lovato have?

Demi Lovato has her ears pierced, her navel (belly button),her cartilage pierced,and her nose pierced.

Can only certain types of navels be pierced?

no any kind of navel can be pierced but if your not sure you can ask a piercer.

When did Vanessa Hudgens got pierced and where?

in her navel...i don't know when

What is it called when you have the bottom of your belly button pierced?


What is the part of your body called where you get your belly button pierced?

Your navel

What happens after you get your navel pierced?

you end up with two navels

Is there a maximum weight for people who want to get their navel pierced?

Almost anybody can get almost anything pierced. If other people find it attractive or not is entirely their opinion and should not influence your decision with your body.

How long do you have to wait to go swimming in a pool after you get your navel pierced and Swimming for less than an hour every weekday?

2-3 months. It doesn;t matter how long it is. Water is extremely dirty and really increases the risk of infection.

Do they numb before they pierced?

Depends on what you are having pierced, all i know is they dont numb your tongue. I have just had my belly button pierced (navel) and they numbed it for me and it didnt really hurt, you could just feel a little pinch. Mine cost me £30 and i got to choose from a range of belly bars. The piercer told me i could not change it for at least 4 months. He told me that doing gym will not affect your belly peircing/navel. And also that you can go swimming, and that the chlorine does not interfere with it or any bubble baths. He said its perfectly ok to go swimming straight after but after you must pat dry with a tissue and apply the cleaning stuff and again pat dry. (also applies after having a bath or shower) You must use the cleaning stuff twice a day

You want to get your daughters navel pierced she is 7 will they pierce her?

No she is way to young.

Will my navel piercing take longer to heal if it's pierced crooked?


How old you have to be to get your navel pierced?

If you are not a legal adult you need your parents consent.

Does Selena Gomez have belly button piercings?

No she doesn't have her navel pierced