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It depends. Like the western women. Some have a long holiday. Some do not.

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Q: How long until a Chinese woman works after giving birth?
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Is A transgender male giving birth is still a woman?

No. He is a transgender man giving birth.

How many women die giving birth?

Every minute, one woman dies giving birth.

What does it mean if a Chinese woman is giving her baby to you?

Many meanings.

When is a woman's pain threshold the highest?

When she is giving birth.

Does stomach ulcer affect the chances of a woman giving birth?

A stomach ulcer will not affect the chances of a woman giving birth. Chances of giving birth to a healthy baby are very good when proper care has been given throughout the pregnancy.

In Revelation 12 who is the woman giving birth?

There are many hypotheses about whom the woman giving birth represents. On possibility is that she was the proto-Christian mother of Jesus, born in the celestial sphere.

What is the opposite gender of midwife?

The formal definition of the noun 'midwife' is: a person(usually a woman) who helps a woman when she is giving birth to a child.There is no corresponding noun specifically for a man who helps a woman when she is giving birth to a child.

What does it mean that somebody is giving birth to a baby boy?

It is quite simple. It means that a woman is giving birth to a healthy male baby.

What are the drawbacks of showing children a video of a woman giving birth?

They might be very shocked by seeing a woman giving birth and can get traumatized. It is strongly recommended to not show these kind of videos to children.

What do you call a woman who has lost a baby?

A woman who has lost a baby after giving birth was still a mother.

When do your periods return after birth?

Generally, a woman can expect a period by about 6 weeks after giving birth.

Can a woman die of giving birth?

Yes, but it very rarely happens.