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Q: How long was George Gregan Captain for the wallabies?
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How are kangaroos and wallabies related?

Kangaroos and wallabies are both marsupials in the family macropodidae, meaning "long footed".

How long does the sole on wallabies last?

They last pretty long.

How long did British naval captain George Vancouver stay in what is now known as Vancouver?

1 day

How long have wallabies been pets?

Wallabies are not pets. It is illegal to keep wallabies and kangaroos as pets anywhere in the world - but very few people are aware of this.

How long do wallabies live for?

Depending on the species, wallabies live for an average of 12-18 years. External factors such as predators and cars certainly reduce a wallaby's lifespan.

What is some information about wallabies?

Wallabies are native to Australia, where they are found in all of the states, including the island state of Tasmania.Wallabies are grouped according to the habitat in which they live, so there are shrub wallabies, brush wallabies, and rock wallabies. Shrub wallabies inhabit fairly flat bushland areas which are reasonably open, unlike the brushwallaby which prefers more closed forest, with denser undergrowth. Rock wallabies are especially suited to rocky hillsides and mountainsides, including open rock faces.Predators of wallabies include wedgetail eagles and other birds of prey.Wallabies are macropods, i.e. members of the kangaroo family, having "long feet" (the name macropod means long footed).Wallabies are marsupials, meaning their joeys are born very undeveloped, then crawl by instinct to the mother's pouch, where they latch onto a teat which swells in their mouth. here they continue their development for many months.

What is long john silvers parrot called?

The parrot's name was Captain Flint. The parrot was named after Long John Silver's captain.

How long has Ryan giggs been captain for?

Ryan Giggs isn't the Manchester United captain. He may captain once or twice as a temporary captain, however he isn't the real captain.

Are sloths related to kangaroos?

Kangaroos and wallabies are both marsupials in the family macropodidae, meaning "long footed".

How long was Lou Gehrig captain?

Lou Gehrig was the captain of the Yankees from 1935 until 1939.

What was the contents of the scouting report furnished by Captain Custer to General George B McClellan on September 15 1862?

Captain George Custer was on a scouting mission for General George B. McClellan on September 15, 1862. He reported to the general that he had observed the Confederate army in full view and in perfect line, established on a ridge near Sharpsburg. Custer noted that the Rebel battle line was one and a half miles long and that Confederate General Longstreet had forty cannons.

When was George Long Duyckinck born?

George Long Duyckinck was born in 1828.