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How long was Jesus in Egypt?

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The Bible does not specifically say, but most likely around a year or so.

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Did Jesus leave Nazareth or Bethlehem to escape to Egypt?

Jesus left Bethlehem to escape to Egypt

How long did Joseph Mary and Jesus stay in Egypt?

The Bible does not specify it but around a year or so.

How many years did jesus lived in egypt?

It is clear that Jesus, Mary and Joseph did not live long in Egypt. All thre of them returned to Nazareth soon after the death of king Herod. Here Joseph fled to Egypt when he was warned of Herods desire to kill Jesus in a dream and angel told him to return to Nazareth as well.

How long Jesus stay in Babylong?

The Gospels mention Jesus accompanying His parents to Egypt when He was a child. They mention Him transiting Samaria. However, the Gospels nowhere mention Jesus in Babylon.

Where did Jesus live in Egypt?

It isn't known where Jesus lived in Egypt. He was only there for a very short time when an infant.

Did Jesus ever go to Africa?

Yes. Jesus was born in Jerusleum, which is in Asia, but his parents fled the country to get away from Herod, and went to Egypt, which is in Africa.Yes, Egypt is in Africa, and when Jesus was young, he went to Egypt.

Was Jesus in Egypt before his crucifixion?

Jesus was in Egypt when he was a young child, but as far as we know he had remained in Israel for the remainder of his time on earth.

Why did Jesus leave Egypt?

AnswerIn Matthew's version of the nativity of Jesus, Joseph and Mary fled with Jesus from Bethlehem to Egypt to escape King Herod, who wanted to have Jesus killed. After Herod died and it appeared safe to do so, they began the journey back to their home in Bethlehem, but being warned in a dream turned aside and made the long journey to Nazareth in Galilee instead.

How long between the birth of Jesus and the death of Herod?

It was not many years , as they had fled to egypt, the angel told Joseph to return .

Who was the king of Egypt when Joseph fled to Egypt after the birth of Jesus Christ?

A:Egypt was a Roman province at the relevant time. There was no king of Egypt.

Mary hid Jesus in the land of?


How old was Jesus in the flight to Egypt?

He was a baby then.

Which country in Africa did Jesus reached in?

it is egypt

How long was Jesus in Egypt as a baby?

The bible does not say exactly how long. It does, however, say that they returned at the death of Herod, which was in 4 BC, the same year that we believe to be Jesus's birth year. This means that they must have stayed in Egypt for less than a year. However, the story of the flight into Egypt is probably just a story, written in order to link Jesus to Moses. It probably didn't actually happen. (After all, if all these infants were killed in search of Jesus, then how could the Nazareans be angry with Jesus because he had grown up as just another child?)

What did the people of Egypt look like before Jesus?

the same way Jesus did...egyptian!

Where did Jesus and Moses live?

Moses first lived in Egypt, Jesus lived in Nazareth..

Why was Egypt a safer place for Mary and Joseph than Bethlehem?

Herod the Great wanted to kill Jesus. When Joseph, Mary and Jesus fled to Egypt, Herod had no authority there. Even if he could have sent men into Egypt to kill Jesus, they probably could not have found the family.

How long after Jesus' birth was it that King Herod die?

After they fled to Egypt , it is said in the bible when they brought the baby to the temple and Symon and Anna were there. So Herod died soon after the birth of Jesus.

How long was the Nile in Egypt for?

It flowed through Egypt as long as it was there and it still flows through Egypt.

Which of Jesus disciples settled in Egypt after the crucifixion?

As far as I know Mark went to Egypt after the crucifixion.

Where did Jesus travel to?

He traveled to Bethlehem , Nazareth and Egypt.

To what country did Jesus family escape after they were warned?


Is Jesus from Africa?

No he is not from Africa, but he did go to Egypt as a baby.

Who ruled Egypt in the time of Jesus?

King Herod

Where did Jesus live after Egypt?

He came to live in Nazareth.

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