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AnswerIt appears from Matthew's Gospel that Bethlehem was the home town of Mary and Joseph, in which case she no doubt conceived in Bethlehem.

In Luke's Gospel, the young couple travelled from Nazareth to Bethlehem, where Jesus was born. Once Luke tells of the census of Quirinius as the reason for their journey, he never again mentions it, and we therefore have no clue as to when it took place or over how long a period - this is a census of which there is no historical record or precedent in Roman history. However, the fact that all the rooms in the inn were taken, means that others were still arriving for the census and Mary was probably a late arrival. If the birth had not taken place and was not imminent by the time of the census, they would surely have returned immediately to their home in Nazareth for the birth. Thus, they must have arrived not long before the birth of Jesus. That they had no other business in Bethlehem is demonstrated by their decision to leave Bethlehem after the birth and the purification of Mary, and return immediately to Nazareth. So, in Luke's Gospel, Mary would not have been in Bethlehem very long before the birth of Jesus.
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9 Months, just as it is for every woman who bears a child.

The time frame started on what you call December 25th or Christmas and concluded in September, around September the 24th to be exact. You will find supporting documentation given in the book of Luke, which defines the Course of Abia and which places the timing of the event along with Mary' cousin Elizabeth (6 months prior to Mary).

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Mary was pregnant with JESUS for 33 weeks.

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Q: How long was Mary in Bethlehem before she gave birth to Jesus?
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Where did Mary gave birth to Jesus?

Mary gave birth to Jesus in a manger in Bethlehem.

What city did Mary give birth to Jesus?


Was Jesus given birth even before Mary and Joseph entered into the inn i.e. on the way to Bethlehem?

No. Jesus was born in Bethlehem, (Matthew 2.1), and in a cattle stall, (Luke 2.7)

Who visited Mary before Jesus birth?

After Jesus' birth in Bethlehem, the shepherds were the first to visit him, according to the New Testament. The angels announced the birth to the shepherds, who then went to see Jesus in the manger.

How do you diagram the sentence Mary and Joseph took Jesus to Bethlehem?

Thought I'd take a stab at this... Joseph took Mary to Bethlehem on a donkey, Mary was going to give birth to Jesus. After Jesus was born they moved to egypt to escape Herod, a Roman King

How much interaction with others did Mary and joseph have when in Bethlehem before Jesus birth with travelers all around?

Except when looking for lodgings they had no time for socializing.

Why were Mary and Joseph travelling just before the birth of Jesus?

Joseph and Mary were traveling as a decree had gone out by Augustus that all must register in their own town. So Joseph was traveling with Mary to Bethlehem.

Why is the representation of the Virgin Mary usually with the infant Jesus?

Because she is best known for Giving Birth the Lord Jesus at Bethlehem.

Where did mary the mother of Jesus have Jesus?


What is the significance of Bethlehem in the Christian religion?

The city of Bethlehem is the starting place for Christianity. It is in this city while lying in a manger that Mary gave birth to Jesus Christ, the Lord. The entire faith is based on that birth.

What is Bethlehem known for?

In Christianity, Bethlehem is known as the birthplace of Jesus. Joseph arrived in Bethlehem with his very pregnant wife, Mary and could not find accommodations at any inn. Desperate for shelter, they retired to a stable and Joseph made Mary as comfortable as he could in a small manger. There, she gave birth to the infant Jesus.

How long before Mary and Joseph returned to Nazareth from Bethlehem?

This is a reference to the Nativity story in Luke's Gospel, since in Matthew's Gospel, Mary and Joseph lived in Bethlehem and had probably never been to Nazareth. Luke 2:22 says that when the days of purification for Mary were completed, after the birth of Jesus, they took Jesus to Jerusalem to present him at the Temple, then 2:39 says that when they had accomplished these things they returned home to Nazareth. They would probably have begun their journey forty days after the birth of Jesus.