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Mary was pregnant with JESUS for 33 weeks.

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Q: How long was Mary pregnant of Jesus?
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How long was Mary pregnant with Jesus?

33 weeks

How long had Mary and Joseph been married when Jesus was born?

Jesus was born soon after their wedding as the Bible says Mary was a virgin when she became pregnant and Joseph wanted to break the engagement.

How old was Mary the mother of Jesus when she became pregnant?

She was 13

How is God the father of Jesus?

When Mary got pregnant, God the Father made her get pregnant, she didn't get pregnant by another man. Therefore, Since Joseph didn't "know" Mary, this means that God is the Father of Jesus.

When did the New Testament start?

It started with Mary becoming pregnant with Jesus.

Where did Mary and Joseph go while Mary was pregnant with Jesus?

They continued to reside in Nazareth until they had to make a trip to Bethlehem for a census. Mary gave birth to Jesus while they were there.

How difficult was the travel for Joseph and Mary to Bethlehem?

Very difficult, especially because Mary was pregnant with baby Jesus.

Was Mary and Joseph married?

Yes they were. They were engaged at the time Mary became pregnant. They married right after the angel told Joseph that Mary was pregnant, however they did not consumate the marriage until after Jesus was born.

Enlightenment will interruped if a woman will get pregnant?

Answer Cannot be Ex: Holy Mary mother of Jesus

What town did Jesus christs mother Mary travel from?

Galilee was were she travelled from to Bethlehem when pregnant

Who was Mary Jesus' mother engaged to when she became pregnant?

A local man named Joseph.

Did Jesus have Mary?

Please define what you mean by "have". But in the hopes I clear things up, Jesus Christ was the son of Mary. Mary became pregnant by the holy spirit. And not the way humans usually get pregnant (or in other words, "sex"), but by a miracle. And if you mean "was Mary a follower of Christ?". Then yes, she was. She whole heartily believed that Jesus was the son of God/God himself. And she loved him unconditionally.

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