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How long will I bleed after an Laparoscopy?

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I had a laparoscopy done to remove a tubal pregnancy, my bleeding lasted approximately 5 days, heavier at times.

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How long does Laparoscopy surgery take?

it depends on what kind of surgery you are having.......

What does surgical laparoscopy always include?

Diagnostic laparoscopy

What is the first rule of laparoscopy is that a surgical laparoscopy always includes this type of laparoscopy?

Not clear what the question is. Please rephrase the question to get an answer

The first rule of a laparoscopy is that a surgical laparoscopy always includes this type of laparoscopy?

Diagnostic Laparscopy- Intro to coding and Billing student.

When was World Laparoscopy Hospital created?

World Laparoscopy Hospital was created in 2001.

What types of anesthesia are used for laparoscopy?

General anesthesia is most common for operative laparoscopy, while diagnostic laparoscopy is often performed under regional or local anesthesia.

How long do a dog bleed after birth?

how long do a dog suppose to bleed after giving birth?

How long do you bleed for when your cherry pops?

You bleed for 3 weeks

What examination of the abdominal cavity with a instrument that includes a camera fiber optics and long flexible tube?


What application does laparoscopy have in cancer treatment?

Laparoscopy was first used with cancer patients in 1973. In these first cases, the procedure was used to observe and biopsy the liver. Laparoscopy plays a role in the diagnosis, staging, and treatment

How long do your nipples bleed when you get them pierced?

mine didnt bleed at all

What is a major risk of laparoscopy?

The most serious complication that can occur during laparoscopy is laceration of a major abdominal blood vessel

Is it normal to have bleeding for very long time?

it depends what you are bleeding from. if you have a nose bleed then it shouldn't bleed for long. if it is a paper cut it shouldn't bleed long. usually if you treat the wound correctly depending on what it is the bleeding should stop within a couple of minuts. it can be bad to bleed for a long time, even fatal

How long do you bleed when you pop a cherry?

It varies. You can bleed for a second or you could bleed for a minute or two. It's not set in stone

What is the accented syllable for laparoscopy?

The third.

What is a disadvantage to laparoscopy?

A disadvantage to laparoscopy is that some growths may be too large or extensive to remove with laparoscopic instruments, necessitating a laparotomy.

What has the author Harald Henning written?

Harald Henning has written: 'Color atlas of diagnostic laparoscopy' -- subject(s): Atlases, Laparoscopy

How long does one bleed after a miscarriage?

It depends on the person I bleed for 5 days after my miscarriage

After having liposuction will a laparoscopy surgery effect the results of the liposuction?

I had a laparoscopy and it didn't have any effect in my liposuction results which isn't a surprise while laparoscopy utilizes four really tiny incisions and has nothing to do with the fat layer that was treated with Liposuction

Does laparoscopy change your belly button?


What is accented syllable for laparoscopy?


When is laparoscopy used in gynecology?

Laparoscopy is commonly used in gynecology to examine the outside of the uterus, the fallopian tubes, and the ovaries--particularly in pelvic pain cases

Is appendectomy and laparoscopy the same?

Appendectomy is the removal of the appendix by surgery. Laparoscopy is the use of a laprascope (a lighted camera equipped surgical instrument) in a surgical procedure.

How long does a cavalier king Charles bleed for when in season?

depends on the dog. some bleed for a few days some others bleed for a couple of weeks.

How long does a pulled tooth bleed?


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