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Depends on maintenance. With the use of cheap, non-diesel rated oils and irregular oil changes 200,000 miles would be about all you could hope for. With proper maintenance, good oils like Shell Rotella T, or Amsoil synthetic, gentle driving, and a few add-ons like a good bypass filter and fuel water separator, 400,000 would be expected and 500,000 not unlikely.

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Q: How long will a Mercedes diesel engine last?
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How long will mercedes petrol engine last?

The Mercedes petrol engine will last about 300,000-400,000 miles. If the factory maintenance schedule is strictly complied with.

How long will a vw diesel engine last?


How long will a powerstroke diesel engine last?

AnswerI have an 03' powerstroke 7.3 with 560,000 original miles on the engine and tranny, and she is still going strong.

How long will a diesel engine last using unleaded fuel?

Any diesel fuel is unleaded. There are summer and winter diesel in some countries. Diesel on cars work till 400000 - 500000km if the owner takes care. On ships it may last 50 years. If you are asking about a diesel engine running on unleaded gasoline (petrol) it will only run for a manner of minutes, if at all.

How much longer does a diesel engine last than a gas engine?

Depends how well you take care of it , I have a gas engine from 1968 probably out lasted most diesels from that time . You get what you put into it just like anything else in life A diesel tends too last twice as long.

How long will a ford figo diesel engine last?

A well maintained car would last you 350,000km to 400,000km. But do expect to change a few parts.

What are the benefits of having a diesel engine?

They get great fuel economy. Diesel vehicles get 20 to 30 percent better gas milleage. A well maintained Diesel Engine is known to last a very long time. They are better for the environment because they burn less fuel.

How long do Mercedes Benz last?

some mercedes last 3 years but some expensive ones last 20 years

How long will a power stroke 7.3 diesel engine last?

The Ford power stroke 7.3L diesel is one of the most reliable engines in production. Many will perform well over 500,000 miles.

How long does it take to make a diesel engine?

5 hours

Why do diesel engines last so long?

ANY engine (gas/diesel) lasts long as long u take a GOOD CARE of it, I just sold my 1997 camry with 363,000 miles on it and guess what? ORIGINAL engine, sounded like a DREAM. Good fuel, oil, and correct maintenance will tell everything. Due to the fact that a diesel engine uses compression to ignite the fuel rather than a spark plug they must be built much stronger than a gasoline engine. They therefore normally last much longer but they also cost more to build and buy.

How long will a 5.9 dodge diesel engine last?

I have seen 5.9L Cummins at 750,000 + miles. One I have seen actually had over 1,000,000 miles.

How long will diesel car run on petrol?

It won't, even a mixture of gasoline and diesel will not work. May I add that running petrol in a diesel will destroy that diesel engine.

Will diesel damage a petrol motorbike engine?

Diesel run in any petrol engine will do damage if you can keep the engine running for a long period of time. A petrol engine will not start and run on diesel fuel alone Posted by Danny from Bee Mech Mobile Mechanics

How long diesel car batteries last?

most battery last five years

What are the uses of diesel?

Diesel is used as a fuel in all sorts of vehicles cars, trucks, trains, boats, anything with an internal combustion engine that is designed to burn diesel. Diesel engines are popular because they last a long time and have a lot of pulling power. They are ideal for anything carrying a heavy load.

What is the maximum power of an engine?

wartsila, this is the name of an engine , which is 2-stroke long diesel engine with the 1,09,000 brake horsepower.

Can you use a diesel engine as a gasoline engine?

NO! Don't attempt it. Don't run diesel in your gas engine and don't run gas in your diesel engine! It will cause your engine to run improperly with loss of power and lots of white or blue smoke. It will clog your engine and if you run it with the wrong fuel too long, will result in complete engine failure.

What diesel engine has no cylinder head?

A short block. A long block is a complete engine ready to install.

How long will citroen c4 diesel engine last for?

I have my own workshop and have seen them blow up in under 60000 miles badly designed don't buy one

What cars last?

Toyotas and Hondas are the best vehicles and they both last a long time.. and are almost maintaince free Mercedes-Benz, is the best, i have a 86' Mercedes and it has the original engine 1.235.000 km and still working and you can find second hand parts for free in Germany, austria, Albania, Bulgaria,

What would happen if diesel is let into a petrol engine or vice-versa?

If diesel is put in a petrol engine it will run rough, if at all. Depends how much gas is mixed in it. May not cause serious damage. If petrol is put in a diesel it will ruin the engine before long.

How long does a Jet engine last?

Long Enough

How does the performance of a diesel compare with a gas powered truck?

In general diesel engines last longer then gas engines. They get better mileage however diesel usually costs more per gallon then gas does. A diesel engine is very powerful at it's lower end but they are not speed demons. If you want to go far for a long time diesel is the one. If you want to get there fast, gas is the answer. Also buying a vehicle with diesel wll cost you between $2000 and $5000 then the same vehicle with a gas engine.

How often does a 2005 Jeep Liberty timing chain need to be changed?

Basically, never. It will last as long as the rest of the engine.Basically, never. It will last as long as the rest of the engine.