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She will produce milk for as long as 6 years without having to breed her again as long as she is milked properly every day.

While there are times that cows could be milked in private farms for extended periods of time, dairy cattle are typically bred in 10-14 month cycles in order to keep milk at a peak production rate.

Cows also run the risk of permanently drying up if they are not halted in progressive stages. Thus farmers often use artificial insemination every 12 months (9 months of pregnancy then 2-3 months of rest). This keeps the cows producing large amounts of milk.

The calf is either used to produce a new milk cow, or in the fate of almost all male calves is sold as veal meat. The average life expectancy of a milk cow is 15-20 years, so the cow is impregnated between 13 and 18 times.

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Q: How long will a dairy cow produce milk without getting pregnant again?
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