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i think it would take 3 days to dry.

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Q: How long will it take corn syrup to dry?
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Is corn syrup a corn flour?

No. Corn syrup is a thick, sweet, sticky liquid. Corn flour is a dry, ground-up corn kernel product.

Will corn syrup dry out?

yes it will eventually dry out and it will change color, DO NOT use it when that happens.

Can you substitute corn flour for corn syrup?

No, one is a dry ingredient and the other is wet, one is sweet and the other isn't Two entirely different things.

What is the difference between high fructose corn syrup and crystalline fructose?

High fructose corn syrup is a liquid sweetener and is composed of roughly equal parts fructose and glucose. Crystalline fructose is a dry sweetener and is all fructose.

What is the difference between dry corn and soaked corn?

Dry corn is dry and soaked corn is wet.

How does Dry corn weight compare to green corn weight?

Dry corn weight compare to green corn weight...Green corn weightX0.43=Dry corn weight

How long does it take a gourd to dry?

How long does it take aqgourd to dry?(my guess is about a year)

What is the use of Levolin syrup?

Levolin syrup is for dry cough.

What is a dry stem of a corn plant?

the dry stems of corn plants

Why doesnt sugar in carbonated soft drinks like coke evaporate all the water?

This has to do with the properties of various sugar molecules. Some can crystalize, others do not.Most soft drinks are sweetened with corn syrup. After the soda water evaporates, you are left with the original corn syrup concentrate. This will not dry to a solid unless the air is extremely dry. When exposed to normal air moisture levels, it becomes a sticky syrup again.This is unlike sucrose (cane or beet) sugar, which can crystalize at common air humidities. In fact, crystals form inside the syrup. Dry sucrose crystals absorb moisture and stick together; you get clumps in your sugar bowl.

Can you dry canned corn?

you can dry it but it would not be any good for poping corn that is aspecial strain of corn in its own right.

Does roofing cement dry hard and how long does it take to dry?

how long does roof cement to dry

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