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Once you begin ovulating again, you can become pregnant. Ovulation usually occurs 2-4 weeks after coming off the pill. Sometimes it may take as long as 8 weeks before you begin Ovulating. If you've had a withdrawal bleed then there is a 1% risk of pregnancy.


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If you change to the pill immediately after the implant, you are not likely to be pregnant.

The contraceptive pill effects the entire menstrual cycle. The pill suppresses the menstrual cycle in order to prevent ovulation so that you cannot fall pregnant if you were to have sex.

Well each day that you do not take your pill, your chances of becoming pregnant increases greatly. You can get pregnant almost immediately.

If you change to the pill immediately after the implant, you are not likely to be pregnant.

. I believe they say the contraceptive pill is effective 97%-99%, so that would give a 1%-3% chance of getting pregnant.

If you are off the pill then yes you can become pregnant. Generally it takes awhile for the pill to leave your system but it is not unheard of to become pregnant right after stopping the pill.

Yes the pill has no lasting effect and does not work as a contraceptive.

could possibly be pregnant or pill has high level of progesterone. need to get checked either way though.

A woman that is on contraceptive pills can become pregnant under certain unusual circumstances that may interfere with the efficacy of the drug. Being on antibiotics for example may cause the pill not to work. the pill was designed to prevent pregnancy without the use of anything like a condom.

No, not as long as both are taken as directed.

The Pill is the name associated with the Contraceptive Birth Control Pill.

The pill Trigestrel is a contraceptive. This pill is taken once a month, orally, like many other contraceptive pills on the market.

As soon as you stop taking it, or even miss one pill, you are fertile again. The pill wont make you sterile.

Typically you should be able to get pregnant right away. Sometimes there is a higher incidence of twins if you get pregnant immediately after taking the pill.

Im not sure I understand your question. But if you meant one pill out of the whole pack that month yes you can.

The contraceptive pill can flare up candida of which thrush is a common symptom

ECP is short for emergency contraceptive pill

show me a pregnant man and I'll show you a male contraceptive pill] Okay the contraceptive pill prevents pregnancy so that answer is counter-productive. To answer your question the male contraceptive pill is currently under development. Apparently it has been quite successful in that 100% of test subjects showed a positive result. It works by lowering sperm count to zero as far as I know. It should be main stream in the next 3-5 years although with the recession it might be longer.

It is a combined contraceptive pill

Yes Minerva-35 is a contraceptive pill.

No . The antibiotics for diarrhea and sickness will overpower the effects of the contraceptive pill.

There is no male contraceptive pill on the market. Only condoms and vasectomy are available to men at this time.

Yes it is possible for a women with hepatitus b can take a contraceptive pill.

If you are trying to get pregnant then you should not take the pill at all.

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