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To find out how long it will take to drive 470 miles at 40 mph, divide 470 by 40. The answer is 11.75 hours or 11 hours and 45 minute.


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At 60 MPH average, about 7.8 hours.

The overall distance is about 470 miles.The estimate time it will take is about 8 hours.

About 292 miles or 470 kilometers. It's about a 5 hour drive.

It is 470 miles according to Google Maps.

Depends on the average miles per hour. At 47 miles per hour, it will take 10 hours.

470 miles 8 hours and 3 minutes give or take on how you drive hope this helps

The distance between Atlanta and New Orleans is 470 miles and will take about 7 hours 10 minutes to drive.

470 miles = 756.3917 km

470 miles = 756.39168 kilometers

It is about 5/8 times 470 = 293.75 miles

Answer: 470 km = 292.044 mi.

470/20 = 231/2 weeks.If you get paid at the end of the week, thenyou'll break $470 at the end of the 24th week.

If the first 120 miles takes 3 hours, then the remaining 350 (470 - 120) miles has to be completed in 5 (8 - 3) hours. Velocity = Distance ÷ Time : Velocity = 350 ÷ 5 = 70 mph The speed over the final 350 miles is therefore 70mph.

depends on the car or is it a semi... Big trucks usaully get about 5-7 miles per gallon, cars and pickups much better mpg.

292 miles = about 470 km (469.928448 kilometers)

In the city I can get about 470 miles averaging about 15 mpg. I can get about 19 mpg on long trips. Which gets me a range of almost 600 miles.

Since miles are a measurement of distance and hours are units of time, you cannot convert from one to the other without more information, such as the speed over which these 470 miles are being traveled.

Just shy of 470 miles.

750 kilometers(470 miles)

1928 miles taking this route:Take I-80 WEST to I-76 SOUTH to DENVER at EXIT 102 in Nebraska.Take I-76 to E-470 (tollway) SOUTH to LIMON.Take E-470 35 miles around Denver to I-25 to COLO. SPRINGS and DENVER. You are looking for I-25 SOUTH to COLO. SPRINGS.Take I-25 SOUTH to I-10 WEST to DEMING at END I-25 in Las Cruces, New Mexico.Take I-10 WEST to Tucson.

The driving distance is approximately 470 road miles - about 7 hours of driving time, depending on your average speed and what route(s) you take.

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