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How long would a cloned human live?


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January 18, 2008 9:27AM

That's actually an extremely good question. Cloning means to 'duplicate' so that person is actually the same as the person that was cloned and lives life like the rest of us. I just heard on the news tonight that indeed a human was cloned and the lab can prove it, but the research lab (funded by a group of scientists) is for stem cell research only and has broken the laws of humanity and charges may be laid against this lab. Cloning people is playing God, or for the non believers playing around with Mother Nature. With the good comes the bad. How would we like another Hussein or Hitler? Is it right to replace your child that has died from a disease or by a freak accident? Will they truly be the same and since scientists can't prove if a human has a soul they are playing with fire. Cloning for stem cell is a wonderful thing, but, unfortunately we are going to be seeing more secret labs funding their own methods of what they feel they have the right to do regarding cloning.