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How long would it take to fly nonstop around the world?

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The Absolute World Record for the fastest nonstop, non refuelled

circumnavigation of the earth, belongs to Burt Rutan's Virgin

Atlantic Global Flyer. The GlobalFlyer was piloted by the late

Steve Fosset for 67 hours . The aircraft took off from Salina,

Kansas on February 28, 2005, followed the official belt line of the

earth traveling at an average flight speed of 342.2 mph. Just less

than two and a half days later and 25,766 miles. the single engine

Global Flyer landed back at Salina, Kansas, and went down in

history on March 3, 2005.

The fastest Round the world Flight is held by a B-1 Lancer

bomber but I have been unable to find details so far.

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