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Q: How long would it take to gain weight using cyproheptad?
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Can you gain weight off the medicine Clozapine?

You can gain weight when using the medicine Clozapine.

Can using body lotions cause weight gain?

No, standard body lotions should not make you gain weight. However for a more accurate answer I would need to know the type of body lotion you are using and how often?

Does celebrex cause weight gain?

Celebrex is not known for causing weight gain. According to its maker, less than 2% of patients experienced the side effect of weight gain while using the medicine.

Can you give me a sentence using the word cream and gain?

I like to gain weight by drinking a lot of cream.

Do women get fat using contraception?

they usually gain some weight.

How could you gain muscle without using steriods?

Weight training.

What does a female river otter do to gain weight?

A female river otter would eat food to gain weight

How do you use fig to gain weight?

I'm not sure why you think figs would make you gain more weight than ordinary food. to gain weight you need to eat more calories than you spend. You can not gain weight just on figs.

Would you gain back weight after using dinnitel?

well you do gain it back and more you'd have to starve for it not to come back on.... i take it mind you it does work but you have to work really harf to keep it off

How do you make a sentence using retention?

This water retention is causing me to gain weight.

Can using Sweeteners cause sickness?

It can have a cancer risk and cause weight gain

Why when you eat you doesn't gain weight?

Your body is using up the calories you are consuming.