How long you have to wait before driving after a subdural surgery?

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I'd wait about 4-6 weeks maybe
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How long after bankruptcy do you have to wait before refinancing?

Refinancing after a bankruptcy The time period you have to wait depends on what chapter bankruptcy you filed. Generally, you are able to refinance 2yrs after a Chapter 7 discharge. If you are in Chapter 13, you can refinance the next day with many lenders. You can email a mortgage broker like mysel ( Full Answer )

How long do you have to wait after a filling before you can eat?

It depends what sort of filling and what anesthetic you had. If it is the tooth-colored one then you are good as soon as the UV light sets it, if you have the silver colored filling then it is best to wait 24 hours to eat on that side of your mouth.

How long to wait before contacting your ex?

If you have remained on good terms with your ex you are free to contact this person any time you like, and if you are on bad terms you would be advised not to contact this person unless you have a very pressing reason to do so.

How long do you have to wait to exercise after a ectopic surgery?

I just had surgery 2 wks ago and asked my dr. this same question. She said I could only walk, no other exercise for at least 2 months. If you have the laproscopic surgery, the scope goes through the belly button/ambilical port and can herniate if you exercise, you definitely don't need another surge ( Full Answer )

How long to wait to smoke after you have surgery?

Smoking will impact your body before and after surgery regardless of the type of procedure you have. We recommend that all surgical patients abstain from smoking for as long as possible before and after surgery. Source: ( Full Answer )

How long wait for t t c after an ectopic surgery?

I'm not sure if I can give you a direct answer but my sister was having a hard time getting pregnant but she did after using a holistic and ancient Chinese system she read up from a book. You can find the book from the source provided below. She was having a hard time with her husband and needed to ( Full Answer )

How long should you wait before drinking alcohol after gallbladder surgery?

I had my gallbladder removed a month ago. They told me before I left the hospital not to drink for 24 hours - ha! Like I felt like drinking! However, your body may take longer to tolerate it. I tried last week to drink a glass of wine. After a few sips, I had a buzz and was not feeling very well. A ( Full Answer )

How long do you have to wait to have surgery following diarrhea?

They're avoiding surgery until you're well. The diarrhea isn't the problem; it's the symptom of an infection. They're waiting until you're healthy in order to give you the highest chance of survival and the lowest chance of post-surgical infection.

How long do you wait before you fall in love?

you should fall in love with a women when, everytime you see her, hear her, think about her and feel different of her then other women ( in a loving romantic way), and you both know each other very well and you know you are ready to take it to the next level is when you should fall in love.

How long after taking Valium do you have to wait to drive?

It is always recommended that until you have been taking this type of drug for several weeks, (on a daily basis) that you DO NOT DRIVE. Benzo's have what is called a long "half life". Half life is how much of the active ingredient is in your CNS after you take the very first dose. Drug screens have ( Full Answer )

How long do you need to not eat before have surgery?

6-8 hours, if it's light food.. For water, 4 hours should do.. Keep in mind that these are general guidelines, and not individual ones. If your surgeon/anesthesiologist/general practicioner tells you otherwise, it is CRUCIAL to follow these directions. At least once a week, I tell someone their su ( Full Answer )

How long should you wait to smoke after having sinus surgery?

Continuing to smoke after surgery greatly heightens a person's risks of complications, such as infections in the surgical incision. In one study, more than half of patients who continued smoking after surgery developed complications compared to less than 20 percent who quit. Plus, fewer complication ( Full Answer )

How long do you have to wait before selling an estate?

b:post-16189886I think it is two years that the ATO thinks isreasonable. If it is sold after two years there is CGTimplications.You normally shouldn't be paying the rates etc, itshould be the estate doing this. As the house is still owned by theestate. If it has actually changed titleO

How long do you have to wait to drive after you start your car?

You should wait at least until the engine has stabilized at idle. Most vehicles stabilize within seconds after starting. In extremely cold weather conditions it may be beneficial to leave the engine running for a few minutes before driving to allow the oil to warm up to enhance circulation. Big dies ( Full Answer )

How long should i wait before i drive after drinking alcohol?

The rule of thumb is one hour for every drink. That is about how long it takes your body to metabolize the alcohol. A "drink" is one shot, one 4-oz glass of wine, or one 12-oz beer. If you have been drinking strong mixed drinks, it may take much longer.

How long do you wait before icing a cake?

No specific time is required, but I put it in the freezer for a few minutes and check until it is slightly colder than room temperature, just so that the icing doesn't melt.

How long after rotator cuff surgery can you drive?

When one has rotator cuff surgery, there is usually a period of physical therapy involved. One will have to relearn a lot of uses with that arm. Getting back to driving could take around 3 months and maybe a longer time depending on how invasive the surgery was.

How long before surgery can you get a flu shot?

That would depend on the type of surgical condition and surgery planned in addition to your medical history and any current other diagnoses. The best plan would be to ask the surgeon's office if there is a reason to not get the vaccination now; hopefully you can speak to the surgeon's office nurse f ( Full Answer )

How long to wait before saying i love you?

There is no set time frame. When you feel a special bond with someone that can happen at anytime. Just before you say it make sure u really feel it.

How long should you wait before reformatting a hard drive in an old computer?

It actually depends not in time, but rather on - how many installations of new programs, - how many uninstallations of installed programs, - how big and system intensive your installed programs are, - how bug-free your installed programs and installations attempts are, - how many virus inf ( Full Answer )

How long do you wait before you do a pregnancy test?

If you know when you ovulated, some test on the market can detect the pregnancy hormone HCG fairly early. I have had a positive at 9 days past ovoulation or about 5 days before my period was due. It was light, but it was accurate. I have a 4 year old to prove it lol.

How long after surgery should you wait to get a flu shot?

That will be something to ask your surgeon or primary care health care professional. The answer will be determined by your individual circumstances. What surgery you had and any other conditions you may have along with that can affect when, and if, you should get the vaccination after the surgery. ( Full Answer )

How long do you have to wait to fly after major surgery?

Until you've fully recovered from the surgery. (That's not meant to sound flippant - major surgery can require long recovery times, so there is not an exact time you are meant to wait until it's considered "safe" to fly. It is not wise to undertake air-travel if you are not completely healthy. )

How long you to wait to shower before shower?

The length of time one waits before showering will vary from personto person. Some shower every day, some shower even two times a day.It is all a matter of preference.

How long does it take to drive after hip surgery?

Normally you can resume driving one month after you have hip replacement surgery. This is only if you feel comfortable doing so, and are no longer taking narcotic pain medication.