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It depends on the species. The larger ones like the diamondbacks and timber rattlers can be heard from fifty feet away, while the tiny pygmy rattler is audible from a few feet.

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Do rattlesnakes rattle when pregnant?

Rattlesnakes give live birth - they are ovoviviparous. Yes, they will rattle while gravid.

How do rattlesnakes communicate?

with there rattle

Where is the rattlesnakes rattle?

At the end of its tail.

What do rattlesnakes sound like?


When do rattlesnakes get there rattle?

Well, they are born with their rattle. And everytime the snake sheds another rattle is added.

What is a rattlesnake's rattle used for?

Rattlesnakes use the rattle to advertise the fact that they are rattlesnakes and therefore are dangerous, venomous creatures who should not be attacked.

Do rattlesnakes live in the pineforest?

Eastern diamondbacks, timber rattlers, and pygmy rattlesnakes live there.

What is a rattlesnakes defense?

Its teeth. And it`s rattle.

Do rattlesnakes have to be coiled to rattle?

No, nor to strike.

What do pygmy rattlesnakes eat?

A Pygmy rattlesnake eats basically reptiles, small mammals, and insects

Where do pygmy rattlesnakes live?

They live in pigmy caves.

Are copperhead snakes the same as rattlesnakes?

No. Copperheads and rattlesnakes are related, but the copperhead is notable in that it lacks a rattle.

Are rattlesnakes native to African savanna?

True rattlesnakes (with a rattle on the tip of their tail) are not found in Africa.

Do rattlesnakes have fangs?

Yes a rattle does have fangs and a tail.

Is there venom in a rattlesnakes rattle?

no, venom is in the head not the tail

What do rattlesnakes do when they see a person somewhere?

Rattle their tail

What are some interesting facts about rattlesnakes?

The rattlesnake has a rattle

Do cobras have a rattle on their tail?

no the don't because they are not a rattle snake

At what age do rattlesnakes get their rattles?

rattle snakes get their rattles when they are born

What rattlesnake lives in a damp habitat?

Eastern diamondback rattlesnakes, pygmy rattlesnakes, timber rattlesnakes and tropical rattlesnakes live in more humid and damp areas.

What kinds of rattlesnakes are in Louisiana?

Timber, eastern diamondback, pygmy.

How many pygmy rattlesnakes are endangered?

Pygmy rattlesnakes are not endangered overall but some populations in some states are on the verge of being extirpated because of habitat loss and wanton killing by humans.

What do rattlesnakes inherit from there parents?

what does rattle snakes inherit from their parents

What is a nest of rattlesnakes called?

A nest of rattle snakes. A den.

What are some parts of a rattlesnakes body?

The head, tongue, rattle.