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How mango seeds are dispersed?

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non of ur business

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It is dispersed by animals and humans.

It is dispersed by animals/human as it has a sweet and juicy flesh which attracts animals/human.

a mango can be dispered if the mango is being freezed

Seeds that are dispersed by water include: coconut palm tree mango apple lotus cattail water lilies brooklime mangrove yellow flag water mint willow sea bean

Nipah seeds are dispersed by water.

The seeds of drumsticks are dispersed by wind.

Ash tree seeds are dispersed by the wind

Teasel seeds are generally dispersed by water.

2 seeds are there in a mango its a dicotyledon

seeds dispersed by animals eg. tigernail seeds ,etc. tigernail seeds have hooks which help it to be dispersed by animals so it cannot be dispersed by wind...... if it is wrong i am sorry.

the flowers that consisted of seeds may fell the seeds dispersed develops into plants then..

They get dispersed by animals.

it is dispersed by animals

their dispersed by air !!!!

Iris can dispersed by seeds.

it is dispersed by bursting

Pong pong seeds are dispersed by water

Its seeds are spread/dispersed by animals. They have hook like structure..

it is dispersed by wind and animals.

It is dispersed by animals :D

It is dispersed by explosive action.

Flamboyant seeds are dispersed by water such as the coconut

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