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over 100million

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Q: How many 1972 Chevy Safari Vans were made?
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What companies make cargo vans?

GMC, Chevy and Ford each make a great line of cargo vans. These vans are built strong and made to last.

How were vans made?

vans were made in a factory with hand made poeple shoes.......................

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the vans shoeare made in china.

How many 1972 Chevy 4wd blazers were made?


Where are vans shoes made?

When i checked my Vans shoes it said, Made in China.

Are vans shoes made in china?

No vans shoes are made in California in the United States while other vans shoes are made in Malaysia and Indonesia.

When were the first vans shoes ever made?

the first vans shoes was made in 1966

Is safari made by Apple?

Safari was made by apple and it is a web browser.

Are vans shoes made out of pig skin?

No, there is no information that Vans shoes are made of pig skin. The Vans shoes are sold throughout the U.S. and available in a variety of styles an colors.

What kind of fabric are Vans shoes made out of?

Depending on the kind of Vans shoes, majority are made from 100% cotton canvas.

What fabric are your vans shoes made of?

made in plastic

When were the first pair of vans made?

The first Vans were made on March 16, 1966 in Anaheim, California. At the time these hand made shoes were known as Van Dorens.

Where can you find a wiring diagram for a 1992 Chevy astro?

All of the different wiring diagrams are in the back of the haynes repair manuals made for astro vans. you can get them at any autozone or advance

What materials are vans shoes made out of?


Are Chrome and Safari internet browers?

Yes, both Chrome and Safari are internet browsers. Chrome is a browser made by Google, while Safari is made by Apple.

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no because vans run big and they are men sizes converse are men and woman altho vans are all men sizees

Where can you find a Vans?

You can find vans in any mall in the vans store. and vans can be in any kind of clothes stores around any neighborhood your into.vans are usually in gangster stores as in the vans store like in number one. which is in all the malls in any state in America.usually vans are in America but some countries other then America might have them because they are made in china.

Can you put a pop up top on a Chevy Astro van?

GTRV at has a pop-top for Chevy Astro vans. They cost about $8-9000.00 installed. Tiger-Provan located in the U.S. who still makes a Chevy Astro with a pop-top roof and does a complete camper conversion. You can often find used Tiger Pro-Vans on and eBay. I have seen a "homemade" Chevy astro pop-top conversion that a couple of guys in Boulder, CO made by installing a used Volkswagon pop-top onto a Chevy astro. Have no idea how this worked out as to leakage etc.

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A safari suit is a suit, typically made of khaki cotton, consisting of a safari jacket and trousers, used for outdoor activity.

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Vans was founded on the 16th of March 1966 by Paul van Doren. Vans first customers placed orders for shoes on the day it was founded. The very firs pair of vans shoes were sold on the17th of March 1966.

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128 shoes

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Nike or Vans.

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your browning safari was made in 1969.

How old is browning safari 243 L1306?

your browning safari bolt action was made in 1969.

Are vans a German shoe company?

No vans shoes were founded on the 16th of March 1966 by Paul van Doren in California United States of America. Vans shoes are made in California,Malaysia and Indonesia