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if it is rice, pulses, it will be 450-500 .. same as 20'

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Q: How many 50kg bags in 40'hc container?
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How many 50kg cement bags in 20 ft container?

560 bags

How many 50kg bags of cement fits into a standard 20ft container?


How many 50kg bags of cement will fit in a 40 foot long container?

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How many 50kg bags 40ft container?

The amount of 50 kilogram bags that will fit into a 40 foot container is dependent upon the size of the bags. 50 kilogram bags of gold will be much smaller than 50 kilogram bags of feathers.

How many 50kg bags of rice in a 20ft container?

It all depends of packing. The range is between 480-500 50 kg bags in 20' containers.

how many bag cement 50kg fit a 20ft container?

The range is between 480-500 50 kg bags in 20' containers.

1m3 of cement equals how many 50kg cement bags?


How many 50kg bags of barley feed can fit into 20fit containers?


How do you unload 50kg bags from a shipping container?

Typically bagged or boxed product placed in a shipping container would be in turn on pallets and a forklift would remove the pallets from the container. The only time I have seen 50 kilo bags loaded manually into a container was in developing countries and you would need to get them out the same way they went in - by hand one at a time. In many counties this would be a health and safety issue

How many 50kg bags of cement required for 1cubic mortar?

.050 meter cube

How many tons of 50kg bag of palm kernel shell will fill a 40ft container?


How many 50 kgs bags in a metric ton or in 1500 metric ton?

One tonne is one thousand kilograms. 1000 / 50 = 20 So you would need 20 50kg bags to make one tonne, 1500 000 / 50 = 3000 Three thousand 50kg bags to make 1500 tonnes.