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Q: How many 5 star hotels are in Australia?
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How many five star hotels exist in the world?

15,694,572 5 star hotels, 13,824,913 4 star hotels

How many 5 star hotels in Malaysia?


How many 5 star hotels in Nepal and what are they?

how many 5 star hotel in nepal

How many 5-star hotels are there in Madeira Portugal?

There are 7 star hotels in madeira Portugal

How many 5 star hotels are available in Paignton?

Paignton being a coastal town in Devon in England has many hotels located within reach. Paignton has no 5 star hotels, but it has plenty 4 star hotels.

What are some 5 star hotels in Brisbane?

There are a number of 5 star hotels in the popular tourist destination of Brisbane, Australia. Some of these hotels include the Hilton, Emporium Hotel and the Treasury Hotel and Casino.

How May 5 tar hotels in Nigeria?

I don't exactly know how many 5 star hotels there but I am very sure with the fact that there are 5 star hotels in Nigeria.

How many 5 star hotels are there in the US?


How many 5 star hotels are there in Nigeria?


How many Chinese hotels have a star ratings?

Chinese rate then under 5 hotels

How many six star hotels are there in India?

only 5 star in India

What is star hotels?

The star rating is a meter from 1 star to 5 star in hotels. 5 star being the most luxury.

Compare and contrast rooms and public area in 5 star hotels and three star hotels?

how many rooms are in a 3 star hotel

How many 5 star hotels are there in the UK?

You can search for hotels by star ratings here:

What are the best Oahu hotels available?

There are many great hotels in Oahu. The Halekulani hotel, Kahala hotel, and Trump International hotel are great hotels, with 5 star ratings. There are many other 5 star hotels available too.

Is there any 5 star hotels in Brazil?

it's only four 5 star hotels in it.

Are there any 5 star hotels located in Malaysia?

There are many 5 star Hotels in Malaysia. The capital, Kuala Lumpur, tends to be a hot-spot destination for these 5 star hotels. Some include The Rebak Marina Resort and ParkRoyal.

How many hotels are there in Jamaica?

160 at present and these includes hotels from 1-5 star ratings

What are hotel categories?

there are many different categories of hotels available--- 5 star Hotels 4 star hotels 3 star hotels budget hotels economy hotels cheap hotels...discounted hotels for a list of some good different variance hotels visit:

All about star hotels?

how are the star hotels rated, the prerequisite of 1,2, 3, 5, 7 star hotels and the body which controls the operations of all the star hotels :

Which of the Echuca hotels are rated as 5 star hotels?

Quest Echuca is the closest Echuca 5 star hotel, coming in at 4.5 stars. Many other Echuca hotels, such as Echuca Nirebo Motel, and Georgian Motor Lodge are listed as 4 star hotels.

How many 5star hotels in Mumbai?

Mumbai is the biggest city of india and there are many of the 5 star hotels in mumbai. S

What Cities have the most 5 star hotels?

Paris,I think there are many countries where u can find the five star hotels ....for more info visit

How many luxury hotels are in Paris?

There are many luxury hotels in Paris that are 5 star. Five Star Alliance have a list of the top 72 luxury hotels and it's easy to book online in advance.

What do 5 star hotels offer?