How many 5c coins make 2.40?

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How many coins did Ancient Roman soldiers make?

It is clear from papyri that the pay of the Roman soldiers increased from 900 sestertii a year under Augustus to 2000 sestertii a year under Septimius Severrus. They also had salt as salary, and some cions 2.

How many possible ways can you make a dollar in coins?

There are many. Various ways to make a dollar using coins. 100 pennies, 4 quarters, 2 50 cent coins, 1 50 cent coin and 2 quarters, 10 dimes, 20 nickels, and many variations. There are 293 ways to make a dollar but maybe there are more possible ways.

How many coins does it take to make a million dollars?

1 or 2 million for sure . To be specific: . The question can't be answered unless you know what the coins' denominations are. For example, it would take 1 million $1 coins, obviously, but only 50,000 $20 coins (no longer made) or at the other end, 100 million pennies.

You have 1000 coins to make 199.90 how many dimes and quarters?

This is a system of equations. Let d= number of dimes. q= number of quarters. d+q=1000 -> 10d + 10q = 10000 .10d+.25q=199.90-> -10d+(-25q)=-19990 Multiply each equation to get one of the variables to drop out. Add the equations. (-15q)=(-9990) q=666 1000-666=334 There are 666 q ( Full Answer )

How many 20c coins make 5.00 dollars?

There are no 20c coins. If you are talking about 25c coins then - 20 coins would make $5. If you are talking about 10c coins then - 50 coins would make $5 * * * * * There may not be 20 cent coins for the US dollar but there certainly are for the Australian dollar. And 25 of them would ma ( Full Answer )

How many coins does the Royal Mint make in a year?

The Royal Mint advises that they produced over 820 million coins for circulation in Britain in 2009. The totals are not completed yet, the final figure could be higher. That figure does not include coins minted for other countries or any of the other medals, medallions, tokens and collector coins p ( Full Answer )

What is a South African 5C coin made of?

From 1961 through 1964 - silver (2.83 grams at 50% pure - 0.0455 troy ounces ASW [Actual Silver Weight]) From 1965 through 1982 - nickel (2.5 grams) From 1990 onward - copper-plated steel (4.5 grams)

What animal is on a 5c coin?

There are multiple animals on 5 cent coins depending on the country and time period such as the Buffalo on the US "buffalo nickel", the Beaver on the Canadian nickel, etc.

How many yards in 2.40 meters?

There are 0.9144 metres in one yard. Therefore, rounded to two decimal places, 2.4 metres is equal to 2.4/0.9144 = 2.62 yards.

Why is the kangaroo and emu on the Australian 5c coin?

The normal non-commemorative Australian 50 cent coin has thekangaroo and emu on the reverse as a part of the Australian Coat ofArms. Here's the full list of coins, identifying the reverse design: 1c: feathertail glider (no longer minted) 2c: frill-necked lizard (no longer minted) 5c: echidna 10c: s ( Full Answer )

How many ways to make 10 pence with coins?

Ten 1p coins Eight 1p coins 2p coin Six 1p coins two 2p coins Four 1p coins three 2p coins Two 1p coins four 2p coins. Two 5p coins One 5p coin two 2p coins one 1p coin One 5p coin one 2p coin three 1p coins One 5p coin five 1p coins Five 2p coins One 10p coin

How many ways can you make 50 pence with silver coins?

13 ways. They are: . 10 x 5p . 8 x 5p + 1 x 10p . 6 x 5p + 2 x 10p . 6 x 5p + 1 x 20p . 4 x 5p + 3 x 10p . 4 x 5p + 1 x 10p + 1 x 20p . 2 x 5p + 4 x 10p . 2 x 5p + 2 x 10p + 1 x 20p . 2 x 5p + 2 x 20p . 5 x 10p . 3 x 10p + 1 x 20p . 1 x 10P + 2 x 20p . 1 x 50p . Note that no modern B ( Full Answer )

How many 1943 Halfcrown coins make an ounce?

British 50% silver Halfcrown coins minted from 1920 to 1952 inclusive weigh 14.14 grams. 1 ounce equals about 28.35 grams, so two Halfcrown coins would slightly less than one ounce.

How many 2pence coins make up a mile?

A modern 2 pence coin is 25.9 mm in diameter and the thickness is 1.85 mm if bronze and 2.03 mm if steel A mile is 1609344 millimeters Edge to edge you would need 1609344/25.9 or almost 62137 coins (if you can keep the edges touching) face to face. you need more ofthe thinner bronze coins: 1609344 ( Full Answer )

What is the animal on the 5c coin?

The only animal to appear on the 5c coin in US currency is thebuffalo (1913-1938) Canadian 5c coins normally have a picture of a beaver building adam, although special commemoratives issued during the 1967Centennial carry a picture of a snowshoe hare. Australian 5c coins have a picture of an echid ( Full Answer )

How many coins make 97 cents?

there is no answer, unless you go back in time where 2 and 1 centswere still used in curency=50,2 20s,5,and a 2 cent. by Wilson Incorrect.. 1 Quarter, 6 dimes, 2 nickels 2 pennies

How many us mints make coins?

The U.S. has 4 Mints that make coins. The Philadelphia & Denver Mints make the coins we use every day. Primarily, the San Francisco Mint makes Proof coins and the West Point Mint makes gold, silver and platinum bullion coins.

How many 20 cent coins make 100 grams?

Many countries have 20 cent coins and they are not all the same mass. So you need to be more specific when asking such questions and not assume that we can guess which country's currency you are referring to.

What is the value of the 1963 south African 5c coin?

You are asking about a 5 Cent coin from South Africa (KM#59). The coin is 17.35mm in diameter, weighs 2.83 grams, and is composed of 50%, giving it an ASW (Actual Silver Weight) of 0.0455 troy ounces. With silver (as of November 18, 2012) valued at US$32.25 per troy ounce, the "melt" value of the co ( Full Answer )

How many coins does it take to make 32 cents?

The answer will depend on the country (or region) whose currency the question is about. Different countries have coins of different values. For example, the US has a 25 cent coin but not a 20 while the Eurozone has 20 cents but not 25. The answer will depend on the country (or region) whose currenc ( Full Answer )

How many feet is 2.40 meters?

7.874015748 ft Direct Conversion Formula . 2.40 m . . 1 ft 0.3048 m . = . 7.874015748 ft.

How many ways can you make using six coins?

The answer depends on WHAT it is you are trying to make. If you cannot even be bothered to check your question is complete before posting it is it not a bit much to expect me to answer it?

How many megapixels does the iPhone 5c have?

The iPhone 5c has an 8 megapixel camera on the rear and a 1.2megapixel camera on the front. It has the same camera as the iPhone5 and the iPhone 5s.

How many combinations of coins can be used to make 7.00?

The answer depends on the country or region that you are referring to. For example, the US has a 25 cent coin but not a 20 cent coin. The Eurozone, on the other hand, has a 20 cent coin but not a 25. And since you have not bothered to clarify the region, I cannot provide a more useful answer.

How many 5C in 18dollars?

1 dollar = 100 cents = 5 cents x 20 then 18 x 20 = 360 Answer: there are 360 5 cent coins in $18

How many 5c equal 10?

If that is an equation: 5c = 10 then the value of c is 2