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In Pearl Harbor, over 2,400 people died on December 7,1941.

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Q: How many American people died when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor?
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Related questions

What targets were successfully attacked by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor?


Who were the people in the bombing of Pearl Harbor?

The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and the United States Military was attacked.

How many Japanese soldiers attacked Pearl Harbor?

alot of people i think

What did the us government do after japan attacked pearl harbor?

they made the Japanese people leave

Did you know Pearl Harbor was going to get attacked?

The only people who knew for certain that Pearl Harbor would be attacked were in the Japanese military. On the other hand, war between Japan and the US was widely anticipated at least as far back as 1925, given American opposition to Japanese expansionism I suspect that most people anticipating a Japanese attack, however, would have expected it in the Philippines or somewhere else closer to Japan.

Why Japanese attacked pearl Harper?

Because the people that lived in pearl harbor stole their rice. . .

Why did the Japanese attack Sydney harbor in 1942?

The Japanese attacked because they wanted their shoes (which the Australian people stolle from them) back, as ghandi ordered them to.

Why were so many people fearful of Japanese Americans especially along the West Coast?

= they were suspected of being secret Japanese spies Because the Japanese had spies operating on the West Coast making reports on American shipping movements including the location and departure of American war ships. Plus on the day of the Pearl Harbor attack (December 7 1941) Japanese Americans in Hawaii assisted downed Japanese navy pilots that had attacked Pearl Harbor.

Why was the US attacked by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor?

actually the Japanese people who bombed pearl harbor thought the US knew about the battle... there commander lied to them... they killed 2,403 Americans that day in less than 2 hours.

What is the nickname for the Japanese in Pearl Harbor?

The American's nick name for the Japanese people was Japs. Any other nick names were offensive.

Who were the important people in Pearl Harbor when it was attacked by the Japanese?

Politicians & High Ranking Officers aside; without the PILOTS & AIRCREWMEN, there would have been NO PEARL HARBOR ATTACK! AIRCREWMEN put Pearl Harbor into the history books.

How many people attacked Pearl Harbor?

NOT Counting the warships. Approximately 420 Japanese airplanes attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. The dive bombers carried two crewmen, the torpedo bombers carried three crewmen, and the fighter planes (Zeros) carried one pilot. There were less than one thousand Japanese aircrewmen attacking the US Battleship Fleet anchored at Pearl Harbor.

Why was the attack on Pearl Harbor named hawaii operation if the japanese people started it?

Pearl Harbor is located in Hawaii. While Pearl was the main attack objective, other military locations in Hawaii were attacked at the same time.

Who were the people in Pearl Harbor when it was attacked by the Japanese?

It was filled that Sunday morning with young sailors soldiers, Polynesians, Japanese and Japanese-Americans, joggers, fishermen, beach bums, cab drivers and Church goers. It was just another Sunday morning in Oahu.

Where were the Japanese-American people sent after the bombing of pearl harbor?

I believe sadly they were all sent to internment camps !

What were the major causes or reasons the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor?

America does not know really why the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor but there are two theories. One of the theories was that the Japanese need more living space for their country. Japan only has four main pieces of land which are islands, so they are very small and did not hold all the people that were living there. The other reason was that the Japanese was in need of oil and they thought Pearl Harbor had a large amount of it. they bombed pearl harbor because the u.s stop sending supplies.

Why were the Japanese-Americans targeted in Hawaii and the US after the attack on Pearl Harbor?

Because everyone in the world at that time was incredibly racist, Americans included. If the people that attacked us were of the "Japanese race" then everyone of the "Japanese race" is our enemy, or so they thought. People on both sides of the war confidently expected people to take sides based on their race, not on their nationality. And perhaps there were some who would have done (as the activities of the German-American bunds attest) but not all.

Why did the attack on Pearl Harbor happen?

The Japanese wanted to control the Pacific and believed that since the U.S. was unprepared for war. The Japanese government told their people that the U.S. citizens were not racially pure enough to endure the war. Thinking that the U.S. was weak and unprepared, the Japanese military attacked Pearl Harbor in an attempt to destroy as many warships as possible.

How and when was Pearl Harbor attacked?

Pearl Harbor was attacked on Sunday, December 7, 1941. The Japanese army had been planning the surprise attack for some time. The United States was not at war with Japan, and not involved in WWII, so no one expected this. Just before 8am, a fleet of Japanese bomber planes called Zeros attacked. They were assisted by small submarines that snuck into the harbor. The attack was fast, brutal and effective. American ships and planes were all close together, making for easy targets. A second wave of attackers hit Pearl Harbor, causing even more extensive damage. More than 2,000 people were killed, and over 1,200 others were injured. A large portion of the American fleet was destroyed. December 7 has been known as a day that will 'live in infamy' ever since. Following this attack, America declared war on the Japanese Empire. Soon after, the country became involved in WWII.

Why did the Japanese not occupy Hawaii after Pearl Harbor?

Had to strong disavantage because we had a more ship to attacked and it would be easy to for to get back and we would have to boom it and it great coverge for the people who lived there to attack them.

What was the major concern of some Americans after the attacked on Pearl Harbor?

Your question depends on the time period in which you are inquiring, directly after, months out, or even farther. After Pearl Harbor Americans feared further invasion of Hawaii and the west coast. Japanese infiltration and sabotage was also a great fear, leading the the internment of Japanese Americans. America never feared losing the war, the attitude of the people was positive, driven by anger and revenge. The American people always thought that the Pacific was their war, with Europe a sideshow fought by European powers.

What happened during the attack on pearl harbon during WW2?

During the attack on Pearl Harbor during WW2, the United States naval base at Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Imperial Japanese Navy. Between 48 and 68 people died during the attacks and 35 people were wounded.

What emotions did the attack on Pearl Harbor awaken in the American spirit?

In the American spirit? In the American people: Horror, a desire for revenge, anger... not sure about the American spirit though, unless you are talking about Nationalism and a desire to kill those who attacked us.

Why did the Japanese fought the Americans during Pearl Harbor?

Because the Japanese were being cut off natural resources from the United States for their involvement in China. United States cut off financial aid to Japan when they did not back out of China, but continued to grab at resources that they were not entitled. Japan decided to go all out and attack Pearl Harbor, where they had been allowed to fish and collect information about the area of the Harbor and send back information to the Imperial Navy, on the US fleet docked in the harbour. The Japanese people saw American's as a people who would not be able to get it together if they were attacked. Historically, they were proven wrong!

Did the US try to send the Japanese to concentration camps after the attack on pearl harbor?

No, they were not concentration camps as the Germans built. They were Detention camps to keep the Japanese-American people under observation.