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over 60,000 Americans

from brady Paris

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Q: How many Americans are over 100?
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How many Americans are fighting in Afghanistan?

about 100 000 but if you think they die everyday over 5 soldiers

100 years olds are still alive in the USA?

Yes! In fact, over 100,000 Americans are 100 years old or over!

How many Americans over 21?

140 million Americans

How many Americans earn over 500000 dollars?

1,228,026.2 Americans

How many adult Americans play sports?

10 out of 100

How many In 100 Americans is a federial civilian workers?


How many Americans are bilingual?

Over 1,000

2 over 3 equals how many over 100?


How many Native Americans came to the first thanksgiving celebration?


How many Americans have served in military in 234 years?

100 million

How many Americans fly on planes each year?

About 100 million

How many years did the Americans stayed in the Philippines?

The Americans colonized the Philippines for about 33-40 years.