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Q: How many Answers are in an 8 ball?
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What is the black ball that answers your questions?

The 8 Ball!

Does the magic 8 ball lie?

The answers given by a magic 8 ball are purely random.

Who is right - WikiAnswers or the Magic 8 Ball?

Honestly, both are neither right nor wrong. Answers has a higher chance of being right because people actually answer, the magic 8 ball is just a random answer chosen by shaking the ball. I would use Answers because it is more reliable.

In 8 ball is the 8 ball neutral?

The eight ball is the ball you hit after all your balls are sinked. * Added - Under APA Rules the 8 ball is not neutral. Under many House Rules, the 8 ball is neutral.

What answers a question but does not question the answer?

Someone who knows the answer (whatever the answer is), but is not allowed to ask in more detail about the answer. The 8 ball.

What were some of the possible answers in a magic eight ball?

The magic 8 ball used for telling fortunes and making decisions has a few answers built in, and when revealed help the decision to be made. Answers given by the magic 8 ball vary from the positives like "it is certain", "without a doubt" and "it is certain" to the those on the negative end of the spectrum including "don't count on it", "my sources say no" and "very doubtful". But it isn't all black or white for our magic ball, sometimes it will give a non committal answer such as "ask again later" or "concentrate and ask again". Just don't make too many life changing decisions based on the outcome of the ball.

How many quarters are in a 8 ball?


How many ball joints are there on a 99 vw Passat?

8 total ball joints

How many players in volley ball?

8 players

How many sides are on the answer triangle in an 8 ball?


How many grams are in an 8 ball of molly?


How many balls are solid in pool?

There are none in English Billiards. In Carom Billiards, there are none. In the Pocket Billiards games, the 8 ball is the only black ball - 7 Ball has no 8 ball, hence no black ball, but all other games include the 8 ball, so, they have 1 black ball.