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How many Apollo mission have occurred?

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1. Apollo 7: Low Earth Orbit

2. Apollo 8: Lunar Orbit

3. Apollo 9: Low Earth Orbit

4. Apollo 10: Lunar Orbit

5. Apollo 11: Lunar Landing

6. Apollo 12: Lunar Landing

7. Apollo 13: Lunar flyby (aborted landing)

8. Apollo 14: Lunar Landing

9. Apollo 15: Lunar Landing

10. Apollo 16: Lunar Landing

11. Apollo 17: Lunar Landing

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How many Apollo mission were successful?

15 with the Apollo name.

What is an explosion that occurred on board and the astronauts were not able to land on the moon?

You are describing the Apollo 13 mission.

How many space Apollo missions have there been?

There were a total of 19 Apollo missions: Apollo-1A : Unmanned suborbital flight Apollo - 2 : Unmanned orbital flight Apollo - 3 : Unmanned suborbital flight Apollo - 1 : Manned orbital mission, cancelled due to fatal accident. Apollo - 4 : Unmanned orbital flight Apollo - 5 : Unmanned orbital flight Apollo - 6 : Unmanned orbital fligth Apollo - 7 : Manned orbital mission Apollo - 8 : Manned lunar orbit mission Apollo - 9 : Manned orbital mission Apollo -10 : Manned lunar orbit mission Apollo- 11 : Lunar Landing mission Apollo- 12 : Lunar Landing mission Apollo- 13 : Lunar Landing mission, aborted due to accident Apollo- 14 : Lunar Landing mission Apollo- 15 : Lunar Landing mission Apollo- 16 : Lunar Landing mission Apollo- 17 : Lunar Landing mission Apollo -18 : Space rendevous mission with Soviet Soyuz spacecraft (Apollo-Soyuz)

What happened to the final Apollo mission?

The final Apollo mission that is Apollo 17, was a successful space mission.

Did the Apollo mission just been land on the moon?

There has not just been an Apollo mission. The last Apollo mission to the moon was Apollo 17 in 1972

How many Apollo mission were there?

There were 13 Apollo missions, of which 6 were successful moon landings.

How many deaths were associated with Apollo 13?

There was not a single death on the Apollo 13 mission.

How many astronauts were in Apollo?

The question is not clear, there were three astronauts at a time in a Apollo mission , and there were 11 Apollo missions.

Was Apollo mission 8 a manned mission?

no, the first successful manned mission to the moon was apollo mission 11.

How many deaths on apollo 8 mission?


How many Apollo mission carried out the goal?


When was the first apollo mission sent into space?

Apollo 1 was the first manned mission in the Apollo program, launched in February 21, 1967. It never reached space.The first Apollo mission to actually reach space was the Apollo 7 mission.

How many manned flights were part of the Apollo space program?

There were a total of 11 space mission in the Apollo program. From Apollo 7 to Apollo 17.

Who planed the Apollo 13 mission?

The Apollo space mission was planed by N.A.S.A.

What was the last Apollo mission to the moon?

The Apollo 17 was the last Apollo Moon mission

Was Apollo 13 the only aborted Apollo mission?

Yes, Apollo 13 was the only aborted mission.

Who was the first astronaut to walk on the moon and how did it occur?

Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon , it occurred in the Apollo 11 mission.

What was the last Apollo mission?


What Apollo mission failed?

Apollo 13

What is the last Apollo mission?

Apollo 17

How many astronauts manned each Apollo mission?


How many days did the Apollo 13 mission take?


How many People were on Apollo 11?

Every Apollo 11 mission had only three astronauts at a time.

How many people flew in Apollo 12?

Each Apollo mission carried 3 crew members.

How long did Apollo 6 take to get to the moon?

There was no Apollo 6. The first manned Apollo mission was Apollo 7. The first Apollo mission to go to the moon was Apollo 8, the first to land was Apollo 11.