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15 with the Apollo name.

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Q: How many Apollo mission were successful?
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Was the mission Apollo 7 successful?

Yes indeed Apollo 7 was a very successful mission.

What happened to the final Apollo mission?

The final Apollo mission that is Apollo 17, was a successful space mission.

Was Apollo 11 the first successful mission?

Apollo 11 was the first successful landing, but hardly the first successful mission.

Was Apollo 9 a successful mission?

yes it was a very successful mission

Was Apollo mission 8 a manned mission?

no, the first successful manned mission to the moon was apollo mission 11.

DID Apollo 15 Blow up?

No. Apollo 15 was a successful mission.

Was Apollo 11 mission successful?


Was Apollo 11 a successful mission?

Yes. Apollo 11 was the first mission to land a man on the moon.

What was Apollo 11?

Apollo 11 was the first successful mission to land a human on the moon.

Which NASA mission was labeled a successful failure?

Apollo 13.

When was NASA's first successful mission to space?

I think it was the Apollo 1 because there have been more than 1 Apollo there have been about 17 Apollo's and Apollo 13 was called the successful failure

What Lunar Mission did NASA call a 'Successful Failure'?

Apollo 13.