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about 2000 or 20000 or so

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Q: How many Bengal tigers are still alive and in the wild now?
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How many Bengal tigers are alive in the wild?

There are around 2300 in the wild.

How many white tigers are still alive today?

None known currently in the wild, but several hundred white Bengal tigers in captivity. Also, there are a few Bengal/Siberian hybrid white tigers in captivity. The Bengal is the only subspecies known to carry the allele that makes them white.

How many Bengal tigers are estimated to still live in the wild?


How many individual Bengal tigers are surviving?

2300 Bengal Tigers

What are the Bengal tigers predators?

Bengal tigers have no natural wild predators.

How many Bengal tigers are in danger of extinction?

All Bengal tigers are endangered, as are all tigers..The Bengal tigers number around 2000 in the wild, and are the most numerous subspecies.

What are some needs of white tigers?

The needs would be the same as all Bengal tigers. Food, water, and cover for concealment. There has not been a white Bengal seen in the wild for many years. They are only a genetic mutation of the Bengal tiger. > there use to be many Bengal tigers and there would still be a huge population if people would stop hunting then for there coat.., Danika

How many Bengal tigers are in the world today?

It is estimated that there are currently 1400 to 1600 Bengal tigers now in the wild.

How many bengal tigers are there in bangladesh?


Do tigers have a greater amount of babies than Bengal tigers?

Bengal tigers are a species of tigers, and I think the limit of how many tiger cubs a tiger can get in one litter is 5.

Who or what do Bengal tigers hunt?

Bengal tigers will hunt many kinds of prey, but buffalo, deer, antelope and wild hog are preferred.

How many years do Bengal tigers live?

Bengal tigers can live 8-10 yaers in the wild or 25 years in captivity