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Selena Gomez had 2 Cd's but if you count the Wizards of Waverly Place Soundtrack then in all Selena Gomez had 3 Cd's

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Who wrights Selena Gomez songs?

Britney Spears, Selena Gomez, etc. You can check on the covers of her CDs

What are all of Selena gomez's CDs called?

Selena Gomez & the scene kiss and tell and Selena Gomez and the scene A Year without Rain

Does Selena Gomez have any cds?

no, but she is planning to have one out this summer

How do you sing like Selena gomez?

It is impossible to make yourself sing exactly like Selena Gomez, everyone is different and has their own looks and voices. To make yourself sound like Selena Gomez, just put on one of her CDs in the CD Player and lip sing.

Does Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus get along?

No Of course they dont. They are big enemies since Selena sold many cds than miley. They got into a fight.

How many CDs does Selena Gomez have?

4i do not know their names.Her first record is coming out September 29, 2009It's called Kiss and Tell by Selena and the Scene

What songs does Selena Gomez and the scene have?

I know they have a few CDs but I am not sure what songs they have out you could like go on walmart or something they could show you the CDs thy have!!

How many cds has Selena Gomez sold?

in the first week of her debut album kiss and tell being out shes sold 66,000 copies but nobody noes the exact number to date.

Does Selena Gomez think she's a good singer?

Yes, I'm sure she does! Her CDs and iTunes songs sound amazing! If you listen to her live, she's pretty good too, but she definitely sounds better on her CDs. Live, she sounds better than most people, though.

Is there a clock radio that will play cds too?

Many brands make clock radios that play CDs, like GPX and Boston Acoustics.

How many cds Nicki Minaj have out?

how many cds does nicki minaj have out

How many cds did Pink Floyd make?

They recorded 14 albums in their career.

How many Cds did Elvis Presley make?

He did not make any. CD's were not invented until well after he died.

How many Cds did Kelly Clarkson make?

So far she has 5 studio albums.

Were can you make the most money from selling your CDs?

A place where people are willing for buying cds.

How many cds can 160 gigabyte iPod store?

people can only answer this if they know how many songs are on your cds sorry

How many cds are sold in a day?

10 million cds are sold a day in sydney

How many CDs does Three Days Grace have?

Three Days Grace has three CDs.

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