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Currently Cabelas has 30 stores in the US.

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Q: How many Cabelas stores are there in the US?
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Is cabelas closing in hamburg?

Cabela's in Hamburg, Pennsylvania is closing its doors. On March 2nd, 2019, Cabela's announced that its Hamburg location would be closing in early 2020. It is one of 34 stores that the company is closing in order to focus on more profitable locations. All employees at the Hamburg location have been offered positions at other Cabelas stores in the surrounding area.Customers can still shop at the Hamburg location until its closure. Cabelas will be having sales in the coming weeks and months leading up to the stores closure. Customers can also find deals online at Cabelas official website.Here is a list of the other Cabelas stores located in the surrounding area: Cabelas - Hamburg, PA Cabelas - Harrisburg, PA Cabelas - Easton, PA Cabelas - Allentown, PA Cabelas - Hamburg, NY Cabelas - Lancaster, PACabelas in Hamburg, Pennsylvania is closing its doors as of early 2020. Customers can still shop at the store until then and can check for deals online as well as at other Cabelas stores in the surrounding area.

How many big is cabelas aquarium?

It all depends on which Cabelas location you go to. They range anywhere from 10,000 gallons to 30,000 there may also be a couple larger ones im not aware of. i know that a few of the outpost stores dont have aquariums either.

How many cabelas are in the world?


Were can you buy an Arkansas stone besides eBay?

You can buy them at Cabelas and most sporting good stores.

How many kohl's stores in the US?

How many kohl's stores in US

Where can you buy an air soft gun?

Sporting good stores like Cabelas, Basspro, Dicks or Wallmart, airsoft stores and fields, or online.

What stores offer the best hunting and archery equipment?

Cabelas and Bass Pro Shops have the widest selection of hunting and archery equipment. In particular Cabelas is focuses on all sorts of hunting equipment.

Are there any Cabelas coupon codes currently available?

Yes there are many coupon codes available for Cabelas. Find some at and

What store for buying air soft?

Sporting good stores like Cabelas, Basspro, Dicks or Wallmart.

Where should you get a bb gun?

Check Sporting-goods stores like Cabelas, Basspro, Big5 or the web.

Where to buy pellet guns in Houston?

Sporting goods stores like Basspro, Cabelas, Big 5 or Dicks.

How many Staples Stores in the US?

there are 2 staples stores in the US