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Q: How many Canadians have lost their lives for freedom?
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How many canadians have lost their lives in auto accidents this year?

99 99

How many American lives have been lost in enduring freedom?

about 2,200

How many lives have been lost in the current war?

Which operations (campaigns); Iraqi Freedom or Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan)?

What have veterans done for us?

Veterans have fought in wars to preserve the freedom of the country and to accomplish goals important to the country. They have risked their lives, lost limbs, an many have died.

How many canadians served in World War 2 and lost thiere lives?

1,267,000 Canadians served in World War 2 and 37,000 died in that war. (Approx 43,000 died according to both Canadian Encyclopedia and Canadian Veterans Affairs)

How many people died in preparation for d day?

It is estimated that around 19,000 people died in preparation for D-Day. Of these, there were 1,465 Americans that lost their lives and 500 Canadians.

How many Canadians participated in the Korean war?

More than 27,000 Canadians fought in the Korean War, and 516 Canadians lost their lives. All together 26,791 Canadians served in the Korean War, with 1,558 casualties. 516 Canadian's are listed in the Korea Book of Remembrance for their sacrifice. A complete history of Canadian Forces in the Korean War can be found at the link below.

How many lives were lost in japan?

There where neally 120,000 lives lost!

How many lives were lost on Black Saturday?

178 people lost there lives

How many lives lost from the Lusitania?

1,198 peoples lives were lost from the ship Lusitania.

How many lives has firestar lost?

As of The Fourth Apprentice, Firestar has lost 5 lives, and he has 4 left,.

How many homes were lost when mtfuji erupted?

about 300,000 people lost their lives, but the determination of the exact # of lives and homes lost isn't determined.