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There are a total of 26 players on the Boston Bruins, 17 are Canadians.

Total number of Canadians is 16 players. The current roster can be found in the 'related links'.

He played for the Bruins for 10 years

THE Bruins! The Boston Bruins play in the NHL (National Hockey League).

Montreal Canadiens because they have a kick butt goalie and a better captain then the Boston Bruins!

The Bruins play at the TD Banknorth Garden.

Bobby Orr played 10 seasons with the Boston Bruins.

Season 2009-10-Their is 15 Canadians

There are really no actual number of canadians that play hockey, alot of them do~

Yes he won some games with the Boston Bruins.

No. The Boston Bruins play in the National Hockey League.

at least 5 000 000 people play hockey

There is Jarome Iginla who is canadian

Derek Sanderson was the color commentator for the Boston Bruins from 1987-1995 when he was replaced by Gord Klusak.

Aldo never played for the Bruins. That was Bep Guidolin.

To my knowledge, John Kerry has never played hockey for the Boston Bruins.

The only Canadians that play for the Toronto Blue Jays as of September 2012 are: 45 Relief Pitcher Shawn Hill 13 Catcher Brett Lawrie

the exact answer is 2700 people play lacrosse you can check my answers out at kyras exact answers

Canadians play ice hockey cause it's who made ice hockey famous in the world

At the TD Banknorth Garden in Boston.

A lot. Over 55% of all NHL players are Canadian

more canadians play in the NHL, there is a avg of 6 canadians on every NHL team

that is when canadians play hockey

Canadians like many sports that other countries do. They are big with hockey, and also have an Olympic basketball team, a professional basketball team (Toronto Raptors), many NHL teams, one professional MLB team (Toronto Blue Jays), and have their own football league (CFL- Canadian Football League). Thus, Canadians play many sports.

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