Vancouver Canucks

Also known as The Canucks, the Vancouver Canucks are members of the National Hockey League since 1970. They were able to advance to the Stanley Cup finals in 1982 and 1994 but lost in those two occasions.

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Where can you watch free canucks games?

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The Vancouver Canucks have a good online presence. Their matches can be followed on Facebook, You Tube and Twitter. Some matches can be viewed free on mylivestreaming dot com.

How did the Vancouver Canucks get their mascot?

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I have no idea. Sorry dude.

I take it you mean the Orca whale that is displayed on their jerseys. The Orca whale

isn't a " Canuck " symbol but was introduced after " Orca Bay Sports/Enterprises " assumed ownership of the Vancouver Canucks several years ago.


How many Canadian born players are on the canucks 2011 roster?

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As of 2013, 53% of players in the NHL hail from my home country of Canada.

Has any Vancouver Canuck ever scored 4 goals in a game?

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Obviously! 2008-2009 Playoffs---->Round 2, Game 1, against the Chicago Blackhawks..

How many swedes are on Vancouver canucks?

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Here is some i know of if im wrong sorry Abrahamsson, Thommy 1980-1980 (Leksand)

Albelin, Tommy 1987-2005 (Stockholm)

Alfredsson, Daniel 1995-2010 (Grums)

Andersson, Erik 1997-1997 (Stockholm)

Andersson, Jonas 2001-2010 (Stockholm)

Andersson, Kent-Erik 1977-1983 (Orebro)

Andersson, Mikael 1985-1999 (Malmo)

Andersson, Niklas 1992-2000 (Kungalv)

Andersson, Peter 1983-1985 (Federtalve)

Andersson, Peter 1992-1993 (Orebro)

Arvedson, Magnus 1997- (Karlstad)

Astrom, Hardy 1977-1980 (Skelleftea)

Axelsson, P.J. 1997-2008 (Kungalv)

Backlund, Johan 2009-2009 (Skelleftea)

Backlund, Mikael 2008-2010 (Vasteras)

Backman, Christian 2002-2008 (Alingsas)

Backstrom, Nicklas 2007-2010 (Gavle)

Bergfors, Nicklas 2007-2010 (Sodertalje)

Bergkvist, Stefan 1995-1996 (Leksand)

Berglund, Bo 1983-1985 (Sjavelad)

Berglund, Christian 2001- (Orebro)

Berglund, Patrik 2008-2010 (Vasteras)

Bergman, Thommie 1972-1979 (Munkfors)

Bergqvist, Jonas 1989-1989 (Hassleholm)

Boumedienne, Josef 2001- (Stockholm)

Brasar, Per-Olov 1977-1981 (Falun)

Brunnstrom, Fabian 2008-2009 (Jonstorp)

Burakovsky, Robert 1993-1993 (Malmo)

Carlsson, Anders 1986-1988 (Gavle)

Carnback, Patrik 1992-1995 (Goteborg)

Dackell, Andreas 1996- (Gavle)

Dahlen, Ulf 1987-2002 (Ostersund)

Dahlin, Kjell 1985-1987 (Timra)

Davidsson, Johan 1998-1999 (Jonkoping)

Djoos, Par 1990-1992 (Mora)

Edberg, Rolf 1978-1980 (Stockholm)

Edler, Alexander 2006-2010 (Ostersund)

Eklund, Pelle 1985-1993 (Stockholm)

Ekman, Nils 1999-2006 (Stockholm)

Ekman-Larsson, Oliver - (Karlskrona)

Eldebrink, Anders 1981-1982 (Kalix)

Engqvist , Andreas - (Stockholm)

Enroth, Jhonas 2009-2010 (Stockholm)

Enstrom, Tobias 2007-2010 (Nordingra)

Ericsson, Jonathan 2008-2010 (Karlskrona)

Eriksson, Anders 1995-2009 (Bollnas)

Eriksson, Loui 2006-2010 (Goteborg)

Eriksson, Peter 1989-1989 (Kramfors)

Eriksson, Roland 1976-1978 (Storatuna)

Eriksson, Thomas 1980-1985 (Stockholm)

Erixon, Jan 1983-1992 (Skelleftea)

Ersberg, Erik 2007-2009 (Sala)

Forsberg, Peter 1994-2010 (Ornskoldsvik)

Forslund, Gus 1932-1932 (Umea)

Forslund, Tomas 1991-1992 (Falun)

Franzen, Johan 2005-2010 (Vetlanda)

Frogren, Jonas 2008-2008 (Falun)

Garpenlov, Johan 1990-1999 (Stockholm)

Gradin, Thomas 1978-1986 (Solleftea)

Grossman, Niklas 2006-2010 (Stockholm)

Gunnarsson, Carl 2009-2010 (Orebro)

Gustafsson, Bengt 1979-1988 (Karlskoga)

Gustafsson, Erik - (Kvissleby)

Gustafsson, Per 1996-1997 (Oskarshamn)

Gustavsson, Jonas 2009-2010 (Danderyd)

Gustavsson, Peter 1981-1981 (Bollebydg)

Haegglund, Roger 1984-1984 (Umea)

Hakansson, Anders 1981-1985 (Munkfors)

Hallin, Mats 1982-1986 (Eskilstuna)

Hammarstrom, Inge 1973-1978 (Sundsvall)

Harju, Johan - (Overtornea)

Havelid, Niclas 1999-2008 (Enkoping)

Hedberg, Anders 1978-1984 (Ornskoldsvik)

Hedberg, Johan 2000-2010 (Leksand)

Hedman, Victor 2009-2010 (Ornskoldsvik)

Hedstrom, Jonathan 2002-2005 (Skelleftea)

Helander, Peter 1982-1982 (Stockholm)

Hjalmarsson, Niklas 2007-2010 (Eksjo)

Hoglund, Jonas 1996-2002 (Karlstad)

Hogosta, Goran 1977-1979 (Appelbo)

Holmqvist, Johan 2000-2007 (Tolfta)

Holmqvist, Mikael 2005-2006 (Stockholm)

Holmstrom, Tomas 1996-2010 (Pitea)

Hornqvist, Patric 2008-2010 (Sollentuna)

Huselius, Kristian 2001-2010 (Stockholm)

Isaksson, Ulf 1982-1982 (Norfunda)

Johansson, Andreas 1995- (Falun)

Johansson, Bjorn 1976-1977 (Orebro)

Johansson, Calle 1987- (Goteborg)

Johansson, Jonas 2005-2006 (Jonkoping)

Johansson, Magnus 2007-2007 (Linkoping)

Johansson, Marcus - (Landskrona)

Johansson, Roger 1989-1994 (Ljungby)

Johnsson, Kim 1999-2009 (Malmo)

Jonsson, Hans 1999-2002 (Jarved)

Jonsson, Jorgen 1999-1999 (Angelholm)

Jonsson, Kenny 1994- (Angelholm)

Jonsson, Lars 2006-2006 (Borlange)

Jonsson, Tomas 1981-1988 (Falun)

Josefson, Jacob - (Stockholm)

Juhlin, Patrik 1994-1995 (Huddinge)

Junland, Jonas 2008-2009 (Linkoping)

Kallur, Anders 1979-1984 (Ludvika)

Karjalainen, Kyosti 1991-1991 (Gavle)

Karlsson, Andreas 1999-2007 (Luvika)

Karlsson, Erik 2009-2010 (Landsbro)

Karlsson, Henrik - (Stockholm)

Kjellberg, Patric 1992-2002 (Trelleborg)

Klasen, Linus - (Stockholm)

Klingberg, Carl - (Gothenburg)

Kronvall, Staffan 2005-2009 (Jarfalla)

Kronwall, Niklas 2005-2010 (Stockholm)

Kruger, Marcus - (Stockholm)

Ledin, Per 2008-2008 (Lulea)

Lehner, Robin - (Gothenburg)

Lidstrom, Nicklas 1991-2010 (Vasteras)

Lilja, Andreas 2000-2010 (Stockholm)

Lindback, Anders - (Gavle)

Lindbergh, Pelle 1981-1985 (Stockholm)

Lindbom, Johan 1997-1997 (Alvesta)

Lindgren, Lars 1978-1983 (Pitea)

Lindgren, Mats 1996-2002 (Skalleftea)

Lindholm, Mikael 1989-1989 (Brynas)

Lindquist, Fredrik 1998-1998 (Sodervalie)

Lindstrom, Joakim 2005-2008 (Skelleftea)

Lindstrom, Willy 1979-1986 (Grums)

Liv, Stefan 2006-2006 (Jonkoping)

Loob, Hakan 1983-1988 (Slite)

Loob, Peter 1984-1984 (Karlstad)

Lundholm, Bengt 1981-1985 (Falun)

Lundqvist, Henrik 2005-2010 (Are)

Lundqvist, Joel 2006-2008 (Are)

Melin, Bjorn 2006-2006 (Jonkoping)

Mertzig, Jan 1998-1998 (Stockholm)

Modin, Fredrik 1996-2010 (Sundsvall)

Molin, Lars 1981-1983 (Ornskoldsvik)

Moller, Oscar 2008-2010 (Stockholm)

Motin, Johan 2009-2009 (Karlskoga)

Murray, Doug 2005-2010 (Bromma)

Naslund, Markus 1993-2008 (Ornskoldsvik)

Naslund, Mats 1982-1994 (Timra)

Nilson, Marcus 1998-2007 (Balsta)

Nilsson, Kent 1979-1994 (Nynashamn)

Nilsson, Ulf 1978-1982 (Nynashamn)

Niskala, Janne 2008-2008 (Vasteras)

Nordgren, Niklas 2005-2005 (Ornskoldsvik)

Nordmark, Robert 1987-1990 (Lulea)

Nordqvist, Jonas 2006-2006 (Leskand)

Nordstrom, Peter 1998-1998 (Munkfors)

Norstrom, Mattias 1993-2007 (Stockholm)

Nylander, Michael 1992-2008 (Stockholm)

Nystrom, Bob 1972-1985 (Stockholm)

Oduya, John 2006-2010 (Stockholm)

Ohlund, Mattias 1997-2010 (Pitea)

Olausson, Fredrik 1986-2002 (Dadesjo)

Olsson, Christer 1995-1996 (Arbiga)

Olvestad, Jimmie 2001-2002 (Stockholm)

Omark, Linus - (Overtornea)

Paajarvi, Magnus - (Norrkoping)

Pahlsson, Samuel 2000-2010 (Ange)

Persson, Ricard 1995-2001 (Ostersund)

Persson, Stefan 1977-1985 (Umea)

Pettersson, Jorgen 1980-1985 (Gothenburg)

Popovic, Peter 1993-2000 (Koping)

Printz, David 2005-2006 (Stockholm)

Ragnarsson, Marcus 1995- (Ostervala)

Renberg, Mikael 1993- (Pitea)

Ritola, Mattias 2007-2010 (Borlange)

Robertsson, Bert 1997-2000 (Sodertalje)

Ronnqvist, Jonas 2000-2000 (Kalix)

Roupe, Magnus 1987-1988 (Stockholm)

Salming, Borje 1973-1989 (Kiruna)

Salo, Tommy 1994- (Surahammar)

Salomonsson, Andreas 2001-2002 (Ornskoldsvik)

Samuelsson, Kjell 1985-1998 (Tyngsryd)

Samuelsson, Martin 2002- (Upplands-Vasby)

Samuelsson, Mikael 2000-2010 (Mariefred)

Samuelsson, Ulf 1984-1999 (Fagersta)

Sedin, Daniel 2000-2010 (Ornskoldsvik)

Sedin, Henrik 2000-2010 (Ornskoldsvik)

Sjodin, Tommy 1992-1993 (Sundsvall)

Soderstrom, Tommy 1992-1996 (Stockholm)

Stalberg, Viktor 2009-2010 (Stockholm)

Steen, Thomas 1981-1994 (Tockmark)

Sterner, Ulf 1964-1964 (Deje)

Stralman, Anton 2007-2010 (Tibro)

Sundblad, Niklas 1995-1995 (Stockholm)

Sundin, Mats 1990-2008 (Stockholm)

Sundin, Ronnie 1997-1997 (Frolunda)

Sundstrom, Niklas 1995-2005 (Ornskoldsvik)

Sundstrom, Patrik 1982-1991 (Skelleftea)

Sundstrom, Peter 1983-1989 (Skelleftea)

Svartvadet, Per 1999-2002 (Solleftea)

Svensson, Magnus 1994-1995 (Tranas)

Tallinder, Henrik 2001-2010 (Stockholm)

Tarnstrom, Dick 2001-2007 (Solna)

Tedenby, Mattias - (Vetlanda)

Tellqvist, Mikael 2002-2008 (Sundbyber)

Thelin, Mats 1984-1986 (Stockholm)

Thuresson, Andreas 2009-2010 (Kristianstad)

Timander, Mattias 1996- (Solleftea)

Tjarnqvist, Daniel 2001-2008 (Umea)

Tjarnqvist, Mathias 2005-2007 (Umea)

Urbom, Alexander - (Stockholm)

Wallin, Niclas 2000-2010 (Boden)

Wallin, Rickard 2002-2009 (Stockholm)

Wandell, Tom 2008-2010 (Sodertalje)

Weinhandl, Mattias 2002-2006 (Ljunjby)

Westlund, Tommy 1999-2002 (Fors)

Witehall, Johan 1998-2000 (Gotenborg)

Zetterberg, Henrik 2002-2010 (Njurunda)

When did Vancouver become the Canucks?

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These two organizations are not related.

The Vancouver Millionaires existed from 1911 to 1926, competing in the Pacific Coast Hockey Association and Western Canada Hockey League. The team was called the Vancouver Maroons from 1922 to 1926.

The Vancouver Canucks were formed in 1945 and played in two minor leagues until 1970: Pacific Coast Hockey League and Western Hockey League. The Canucks joined the NHL in the 1970 expansion.

Who was canucks old number 17?

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Right now, no one wears #77. The only player in team history to wear it was Anson Carter, who wore it during the 2005-06 season.

Where do the Vancouver Canucks practice?

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They practice at Burnaby 8 Rinks.
U can just drop in and watch sometimes.


Who is the captain of Vancouver canucks?

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That is definetly a matter of opinion, and also depends on the certain time/situation.

Many people would say that Henrik Sedin is the best right now, because he's the point leader, he's a first-liner, etc.

Personally, I think Mikael Samualson is by far the most valuable for the money he makes. Christian Ehrhoff is also Uber Pwn.

What is the mascot for the canucks?

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Vancouver Canucks logo is blue and white depiction of an Orca Whale. Their jersey represents the pacific ocean, the totem pole and the Orca whale in the shape of a "C" to represent Canucks.

Where was Roberto luongo born?

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Roberto Luongo is a professional goaltender for the NHL's Vancouver Canucks.

When did Vancouver win the Stanley Cup?

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Vancouver has never won the Stanley Cup in the modern era since joining the NHL in 1970.

A Vancouver team called the Millionaires won the Cup during 1914/15 season, before the NHL was formed.

How many times has Vancouver made it to the Stanley Cup Finals only to lose?

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The Vancouver Canucks playoff history has had its ups and downs. In the 22 times they have made the playoffs, the team has won 12 playoff series. Their first ever playoff appearance was in 1975, after receiving a first round bye for winning their division the Canucks faced the Montreal Canadians. The ninth seeded Canucks were beaten in five by the Canadiens.

Did Vancouver win the Stanley Cup in 2008?

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Vancouver Canucks have made it to the Final three times, but failed to win the Stanley Cup. However, prior to the formation of the NHL, when the Stanley Cup was a challenge trophy, it was won by the Vancouver Millionaires way back in 1914/15.

Do you like the canucks?

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it is a derogatory word for Canadians.

Some people think it is derogatory - I personally cringe whenever it is used - but then some in Canada actually love the word. Hence the reason Vancouver Canucks.

Go figure eh?

How many players on Bostons team are Canadians?

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There are a total of 26 players on the Boston Bruins, 17 are Canadians.

Who is the Vancouver canucks captain?

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The team captain must be on the field at all times and if the captain gets carded or injured and is not on the field the vice captain must take their place. The captains job is to encourage and help the team to set up a press and corner ect. The Captains job is also to discuss with the umpires if their has been a wrong call, remember when dealing wit umpires always be polite and respect their final decision.

How many Canadians in the NHL?

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As of the 2008 season, there were 768 players that appeared in a game. 52.0 per cent of the NHL is Canadian born, followed by 19.9 per cent American, 6.9 per cent Czech, 5.9 per cent Swedish and 4.4 per cent Finnish. The NHL is down to only 3.5 per cent Russian-born players, a figure that doesn't include Ukranians, Latvians and Kazakhs.

Have the Vancouver Canucks made it to game 7 in the Stanley Cup Finals?

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Canucks have made the final twice:

A) in 1982 against the New York Islanders (lost the series)

B) in 1994 against the New York Rangers (lost the series)

Many so-called experts are predicting that the Canucks will have a great chance of going to the final in the coming 2010/11 season.

Are the Sedin brothers twins?

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If you mean identical, then yes. The Sedins are identical twins (Henrik was born first).

What year did New York Rangers beat the Vancouver Canucks in the Stanley Cup Finals?

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The Canucks last made the Stanley Cup Finals in 1994 2011

How much is a Pavel Bure rookie card worth?

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The rookie depending on the grade, can fetch upwards of just $300 to $20,000. A PSA 8 for example can fetch $15,000 at a high end auction. Most million airs are looking for rare vintage cards. So you could get $100,000 for one, you just never know.