How many Christians are there in the US?

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Polling data from the 2001 ARIS study indicate that: 81% of American adults identify themselves with a specific religion: 76.5% (159 million) of Americans identify themselves as Christian. There are 4.5 million people in the U.S. at the time of the study. so approximately 35 million were Christians. For the source, see the Related Link.
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Was the US ever a Christian nation?

Yes, technically it still is. If you don't believe me, look at the politicians in charge, and the media. also there are secret christian groups who control the media, if you think that, that is just a conspiracy theory, look up 50 Cent' cross in the news, he was verbally attacked by one of the group ( Full Answer )

How many Christians use the dating sites?

I think the number is becoming bigger and bigger. There is no where in the bible that is against dating online. I personally know of friends who met their mates online - christian. My advice is be careful.

How did Christianity get to the US?

Answer . By sailing ships. Considering that our Founding Fathers were "Christian"/ Protestant (protesting Catholicism), Christianity probably came to our shores with the Pilgrims (about 1612). Fun fact: the first main building built by the Pilgrims (in addition to housing) was a church.

How many christians are in the US?

Accoridng to the CIA Fact Book, about 76% of Americans identify themselves as being Christian. That would be about 232 Million American Christians.

How many US Presidents were Christians?

All of them are/were--there have been 44 presidents. Although Thomas Jefferson may have expressed some non-Christian ideas--

How many professed Christians are there in the US?

About 90 percent of people in the Unites States have Christianityin their background. However, only about 70 percent claim any trueconnection to the church in all its different denominations andstructures.

What are some terms used in Christianity?

God the Father, Nature of God, Nature of Man, Body and Soul, Angels, Sin of Adam, Prophets, Law of God, Law of Moses, Mosaic Law, Commandments, Covenant, Ark of the Covenant, Jesus Christ, Son of God, Son of Man, Lamb of God, Christianity, Christian, Holy Spirit, Scripture, Kingdom of Heaven, Kingdo ( Full Answer )

How is the Christian cross used now?

A Cross is not a symbol of Christ's death but his resurrection. Some churches , notably Roman Catholic and some Orthodox churches use crucifixes - i.e. crosses on which are depicted the figure of the dying or dead Christ, in order that they remember the death of Christ. Im other churches, however, t ( Full Answer )

How many Christians have Christians killed?

I don't get it. Christians haven't killed any Christians. There is the Klu Klux Klan (which I HATE even though I am a Christian.) that is an evil Christian group that muders those who do not believe. I do not think it exists anymore though. There are always evil groups in every religon. Those who fo ( Full Answer )

How many born again Christians in US?

The number of those who claim to be 'born again' Christians changeswith each survey. However, the number seems to be about 30 percentof the adult population on average. That would make the numberaround 65 to 70 million.

How many are Christian?

It is recorded that 33% of the world's religious adherents are Christians. However, the number appears to be elusive, possibly because most information of this kind is given on a national census. Otherwise, people tend not to record what their belief system is. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ( Full Answer )

Why do many christians use the holy bible when making moral decisions?

Many, if not most, Christians believe that God intended the bible to be an important source for making decisions about faith, religious practice and morals. A substantial number of Christians consider the Bible to be the primary source for such decisions.

Where was Christianity used?

Christianity was used all the time in a medieval day. They needed something/someone to believe follow and have faith in and God was the simple answer to that. It was also an easy answer to plagues and diseases.

How many times in the Bible is Christian used?

The word 'Christian' or 'Christians' appears 3 times in the KingJames Version (KJV) in Acts 11:26, Acts 26:28, and 1 Peter 4:16. Itappears 7 times in the New Testament (NIV) so the count variesslightly depending on which translation you use. . Acts 11:26 . Acts 26:28 . 1 Peter 4:16 . Ephesians ( Full Answer )

How many christians use drugs?

No count has or could be made world wide, nor do you state legal or illegal drugs, but it would be in the many millions

Why do Christian people use that symbol?

There is no way to answer your question unless you tell us what the symbol is. Do you mean a cross? Or perhaps a fish symbol? Please clarify your question.

Do many Christians live in Christianity today?

Many still lived in Christianity today.They follow the teaching of Christ,but many also although they are Christians,they act as not Christians,they are like pagans.Many of them allow abortion and immorality.It is not a Christian way of life.Christians today account more than 2 billion but few perce ( Full Answer )

Why and how do Christians use the Bible?

Jesus tells us that anyone who would be His disciple must "CONTINUE IN HIS WORD" [John 8:31] -- which is the study of the Bible. He tells us that diligent study of His Word reveals the "Truth" to His disciples... and that the Truth of His Word is "LIBERATING." [verse 32] Christians use the Bible f ( Full Answer )

Is Christianity a state religion of the US?

Christianity is too broad of a category of a loose collection of a family of religious beliefs to be pinned down as a particular religion. In this, Christianity is more of a moral philosophical ideal or belief system than an institutionalized religion. In American law, beliefs are to conscience of i ( Full Answer )

What do christians use in a church for worship?

Christians use the Bible to proclaim the word of God, as well as prayer, song, and giving to worship God in church. Additionally, in the Lord's Supper, Christians eat bread and drink wine (or grape juice) in remembrance of Jesus' body and blood shed for the forgiveness of their sins.

How did Christianity influenced the US?

Here only a few things to be considered: First American Holiday is Thanksgiving, even today is the most relevant... The first thirteen states were developed with a very marked Christianity atmosphere (read old docs) , NJ and Philadelphia of Sir William Penn (Read this story)... First successful l ( Full Answer )

Who used 'Christians' first in the Bible?

In Acts 11:26, The disciples were called Christians first by the people at Antioch. This was possibly around 43 AD. (It was meant as a put-down).

How is the Bible used in christian worship?

Bible is used as talking material between God & Us. God gives his answers to us through Bible. Bible is read daily by people. The bible is read to let people understands lot of things that happened in the past and is really important for us to remember. like the story of christ.

Is light used in Christianity?

Yes. Matthew 5:16 says Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. As nobody lights a lamp only to cover it up, but places it so conspicuously as to give light to all who need light, so Christians, being the light of the worl ( Full Answer )

How has Christianity declined in the US?

The proportion of the United States population that identifies as Christians has only declined slowly to around 90 per cent of the total. In this respect, the nation is some decades behind Europe and other Western countries, where the proportions of Christians are often below 50 per cent. Overseas e ( Full Answer )

Why is the majority of the us christians?

The majority of U.S citizens are of European descent, where the dominant religion is Christianity. All the founding fathers were Christians as well. People of other religions such as Judaism and Islam only started migrating to the U.S in large numbers in the last century.

How many US presidents are christian?

All of them so far are Christians, eventhough people say obama is a muslim, hes not,because why would he swear on a bible if he was a muslim? anyway, i believe that he is a christian, no matter what.

How should Christians use science?

Science is derived from the word for knowledge, because science is the search for knowledge about the natural world. This is knowledge that can never be manipulated or used to prove a preconceived idea about the world. The best scientists realise that ethics are are prerequisite for proper research, ( Full Answer )

How many non Christians are there in the US?

The figures vary greatly depending on which report you look at and how current the information is. I have provided 1 link that reports the number to be over 41 million.

Are all the us presidents christian?

At this point in our history, all of our presidents have been some denomination of Christian-- most have been Protestant, and at least one has been Catholic. We have not yet had a president who is Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, or some other faith. Also, while many presidents were born into a Chri ( Full Answer )

How many times is the word Christian used in the King James Bible?

The word Christian is not used in the King James Bible. Another answer: "Christian(s)" appears three times in the KingJames translation: Acts 11:26 - And when he had found him, hebrought him unto Antioch. And it came to pass, that a whole yearthey assembled themselves with the church, and ( Full Answer )

Do Christians use the Torah?

Not really, Christians use a text based on the Torah that was modified to support the teachings of Christianity.

Why do many Christians think that Mormons are not Christian?

Many Protestants and Catholics believe that Mormons (members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) are not Christians because Mormons do not believe in the trinity, that God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost are one person. Mormons believe that they are one in purpose but not ( Full Answer )

How many christian organizations that helps alcoholics are in the US?

The Salvation Army is probably the largest and oldest organization/church that deals with substance abuse. The familiar Red Truck is part of a holistic and integrated residential work related program that incorporates all professional practices and services associated with recovery and restoration. ( Full Answer )

Why did the first Christians used symbols?

At many times and in many locations, Christians were persecuted, so they needed a way to leave messages for each other without being easily detected by the authorities. Most of them were illiterate, so pictures such as the fish were the only way to leave a message.

How many christian churches are their in the US?

Approximately 3800 Christian churches are in the US. This answer probably left off 2 zeros at the end. Most estimates of Christian churches in the US range from 300,000 to 400,000.

Do you have to believe in Christianity to use the Bible?

No, many atheists I know read the Bible more for philosophy. Some read it just for the stories. You don't have to be a christian to read the Bible. The Bible is used by other religions as well. The old testament is straight from Judaism, and mormons use a slightly different version of the Bible in t ( Full Answer )

How many christian bands in the US?

its hard to say because cristianity is dieing and Wicca and Peganism is begining to takeover the world now (according to millions of studys and statists) hope it helps :)

How did Christianity come about in the US?

Christianity came to the USA in two branches. For all practical purposes, we can consider that the first branch was brought by English settlers to the region of Virginia in 1607. The settlers were members of the Church of England, and the colony was supported by James I of England. The second ( Full Answer )

What was the christian fish first used for?

When Christians were being persecuted, they used the Christian fish as a symbol to show that they were Christian. They did not want any people who were against Christianity knowing about them because of the persecution going on, so they would draw a fish when they met someone. if the person drew a f ( Full Answer )

Why is the shamrock used in Christianity?

If you are talking about the clover and its three leaves each leaf represents something the first represents "The Father" then theirs "The Son" and then "The Holy Ghost" hope this helps

How many US presidents were non-christian?

No US president even professed to being a non-Christian. Three or four doubted the divinity of Jesus and some were not active in any church but all expressed a high regard for Christian principles and attended Christian churches on occasion. None of them practiced any other religion.