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How many Cuban pesos equal one dollar?

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13.7126 pesos

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How many pesos equal to 1 us dollar?

About 10 pesos are in a US dollar

How many Cuban pesos would it take to make an American dollar?


If 12 pesos is equal to 1 dollar how many pesos to make 5 dollars?

Well if 1 dollar equals 12 pesos, 60 pesos equal 5 dollars.

How many is dollars equal 100 pesos?

10 Pesos is equal to one dollar, therefore 100 pesos is equal to 10 dollars.

How many Mexican pesos equal one US dollar?


How Many Uruguayan peso's are equal to 1 US dollar?

20 pesos

How many chilean pesos are equal to one American dollar?

480 chilean dollars to one us dollar

How many Dominican republic pesos equal a dollar?

it goes up and down \ however the avg. is between 35 - 45 pesos

How many Cuban pesos is there in 1 American dollar?

$1(US) = 26.5 Cuban Pesos as at Tuesday 15th of June 2010. The Cuban Peso is only one of two currencies used in Cuba the other being the convertible peso. Cubans typically have a portion of their wages given in Cuban Pesos to buy essential goods at a fixed price with the rest paid in Convertible Pesos to buy other things. The Convertible Peso is pegged to the US currency at 1 Peso = $1.08.

How many pesos would equal a dollar?

20. 1 US $ = 13,1145 Mexican pesos (today 21.08.2012) Note that peso is the currency of many other countries.

How many colombian pesos equal a US Dollar?

someone put the wrong answer tryin to be smart. but its a round about 2,226 peso that equal 1 US dollar

How many Mexican pesos in 1 dollar?

one US dollar equals 10 pesos

How many Argentina pesos in a dollar?

1 US Dollar = 3.7 Argentina Peso leys and Pesos.

One US dollar is how many pesos?

it varies but right now its about 1 dollar = 12.5 pesos

1 US dollar is how many pesos?

it's about 8.285 pesos.

How many colombian pesos equel a us dollar?

1816 pesos.

How many dollars is 1000 pesos?

According to, 1000 Mexican Pesos is equal to 77.70 US Dollars. The exchange rate is 1 Dollar to 12.8692 Pesos as of August 14th at about 8am GMT.

How many Argentina dollars are equal to 1 us dollar?

As of today (01APR2011), $1.00 US Dollar is worth about 4.05 Argentine Pesos (ARS)

1 us dollar equals how many Colombia pesos?

1,965.50 Colombia Pesos equals a U.S. Dollar

How many pesos per dollar in Mexico?

Between 13.3 and 13.95 pesos per dollar (Dec 2011).

How many Mexican pesos makes 1 US dollar?

13.04 Pesos.

How many pesos in a dollar?

about 10-12

How many Mexican Pesos equal a US dollar?

The exchange rate between the US dollar and the Mexican Peso is flexible, so the number changes all the time, on a daily or even hourly basis. When I went to Mexico in 2004, it was about 10 Pesos to one US dollar. As of 2009, it had slipped to more than 13 pesos to the dollar. In early 2017, it was averaging 21 pesos to the dollar, each peso being worth slightly less than 5 cents.

How many dollars equal 500 pesos?

50 dollars (;

How many pesos do you need to make one US dollar?

As of 2015, $1 = 15.26 Mexican Pesos.

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