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it has erupted many times

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Q: How many Eruptions has Mount Mazama had?
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How many people died by the eruption of Mount Mazama?

The last eruption of Mount Mazama was 7,700 years ago, too long ago for us to know how many died in the explosion.

What mountain range is mount mazama part of?

Mount Mazama is part of the Cascade Mountain Range

How tall is Mount Mazama?

Mt. Mazama is 8,159 ft.

How many times did mount mazama erupt?

It was in 1599 when mount mazama erupted for the last time

What plate is mt mazama on?

Mount Mazama is on the North American Plate.

Is mazama Oregon a cinder cone volcano?

No. Mount Mazama is a stratovolcano with a caldera.

Did Mt Mazama Disappear?

No. Mount Mazama still exists. Between 6,000 and 8,000 years ago Mount Mazama underwent a cataclysmic eruption and much of the mountain collapsed.

What ocean is Mount Mazama found in?

Mount Mazama is not in the ocean. It is in the US state of Oregon. It is 117 miles from the Pacific Ocean.

Is mount mazama active?

No, it is extinct

Is Mt Mazama located on diverging plates?

No. Mount Mazama is associated with a subduction zone, which is formed by converging plates.

Where is Crater Lake found?

In the caldera of Mount Mazama, Oregon.

Where did Mount Mazama located?

In the Cascade Mountain Range in the US