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4,145 miles / 6,670 km

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Q: How many FLYING miles from Chicago or Milwaukee to Paris?
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Milwaukee and Chicago distance?

About 92 miles.

What is the distance in miles between Milwaukee and Chicago?

Approximately 85 miles.

How many miles is it from Milwaukee Wisconsin to Chicago Illinois?

About 92 miles.

How many miles is it from Chicago IL to Milwaukee WI?

It is about 89 miles.

What city is 60 miles north of chicago?


How many flying miles from BuffaloNY to Paris?

how many miles between New York city and Paris

How far is a downtown chicago condo from Milwaukee, WI?

I think, downtown chicago condo was nearly 113 miles far from Milwaukee, WI

Flying miles from NY to Paris France?

3,621 miles. That is 5,828 kilometres.

How many flying miles between Chicago and Washington dc?

air miles from Chicago Washington dc

How far away in miles is Chicago USA to Paris France in miles?


What is the driving distance between Omaha and Milwaukee?

508 driving miles 430 flying miles 374 nautical miles

How far is Chicago Midway Airport from Milwaukee Wisconsin?

About 100 miles.

What is the distance between Milwaukee Wisconsin and Chicago Illinois?

About 92 miles.

How many driving miles between the Milwaukee airport and the loop in Chicago?

86.2 road miles.

Is it longer from St. Louis Missouri to Milwaukee Wisconsin or St. Louis to Chicago Illinois?

Milwaukee is about 85 miles farther away then Chicago.

What is the driving distance between chicago o'hare airport and Milwaukee WI?

The driving distance from Chicago O'Hare International Airport to Milwaukee, Wisconsin is 80 miles.

How many air miles are between Chicago Illinois and Paris France?

Air miles between Chicago, Illinois and Paris, France total 4,144. That is 6,669 kilometers. that is 3,601 nautical miles.

Where is Milwaukee located?

Milwaukee is located in southeast Wisconsin on the shores of Lake Michigan, about 90 miles north of Chicago.

How many miles is Paris France from Chicago Il?

57.3 miles approximately

What is the closest airport to Kenosha WI?

Milwaukee or Chicago.Ans2 - Kenosha has it's own Kenosha Regional Airport. Then Milwaukee General Mitchell is about 25 miles north and Chicago O'Hare is about 30 miles south

How far is Chicago Illinois from Milwaukee Wisconsin?

It is 98.2 miles according to Google Maps.

How many flying miles from Miami to Chicago?

250000000000000 million

How far is it from Milwaukee Wisconsin to Chicago IL?

The driving distance from Milwaukee to Chicago is 91.4 miles per Map Quest. The driving time from Milwaukee per Map Quest is 1 hour and 50 minutes.

What is the distance from Milwaukee Wisconsin to Chicago Illinois?

83 miles (133 kilometers)

How many air miles from Paris to Chicago?

4145 air miles (6670 kilometers).