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to be honest i think they are going to be 64 games played

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This depends on the number of wins in the World Series for each team. It can go up to seven games if the teams win 3 games each.

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Q: How many Games played in world?
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How many games are played in the world cup?


How many fifa world cup 2010 games were played?

There were a total of 64 games in the world cup.

How many games have Poland played in the world cup?


How many games were played in the first world sires?


How many world series games were played by the Texas rangers?


How many games will were played at the World Cup football 2006?

64 matches.

How many football world cups has been played in Africa?

64 games

How many games are playing in the world?

A total of 64 matches are played in the World Cup(32 teams).

How many games were played in the 1985 World Series?

The 1985 World Series went seven games with the Kansas City Royals winning 4 games to 3.

How many Games will be played in world cup this year?

There will be a total of 64 matches in a month.

How many FIFA World Cup 2010 games will be played in total?

64 matches

How many games have the rangers played in the World Series this year?

The Texas Rangers lost the 2010 World Series in five games to the San Francisco Giants.