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There is 39 Poirot novels, plus four collections of short stories, making a grand total of 43 books to feature the character. The first Poirot book ''The Mysterious Affair at Styles'', Agatha Christie's first novel, was first published in 1920, and the 39th and last novel, ''Curtain'', was published some four decades later in 1975, and was Christie's second to last novel published.

Note that ''Black Coffee'' was originally a play by Christie and was novelised by Charles Osborne.

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Are there any free books by Agatha Christie on Hercule Poirot?

I couldn't find any, but you might get lucky.

What detective characters have been in books and films?

A lot of the Agatha Christie characters have been in films. Such as Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot.

What were the Hercule Poirot books Agatha Christie Wrote?

Since there were about forty of them, it must be a lot. I don't know the titles and you can edit my answer if you want.

How many Agatha Christies books with hercule poirot?

Hercule Poirot is featured in 33 novels and 54 short stories.

What is the name of the Belgian detective who appears in more then forty of Agatha Christie's books?

Hercule Poirot.

Who was Agatha Christie's most famous Belgian detective?

Her most famous Belgian detective would be Hercule Poirot. He featured in many books, the first of which was 'The Mysterious Affair At Styles', written in 1921. Agatha Christie also wrote about other detectives, such as: Miss Marple and Tommy and Tuppence.

What are two books that were written by Agatha Christie in the year 1942?

Books are generally dated by publication date, rather than the date they were written. Biographical information, letters etc. would be required to establish which books and plays Agatha Christie was working on during 1942. However, Agatha Christie in fact had three books published in 1942: "The Body in the Library" and "The Moving Finger" (also known as "The Case of the Moving Finger") - both featuring Miss Marple - and "Five Little Pigs" (also known as "Murder in Retrospect"), featuring Hercule Poirot.

What mystery did Hercule Poirot appear in?

The first mystery Hercule Poirot appeared in was: The Mysterious Affair At Styles (1921). Since then he has appeared in 39 more books.

What method does Hercules poirot use to solve crimes?

Hercules Poirot is a character in some Agatha Christie books. When he solves crimes, he uses the method of thinking or using his little gray cells.

Where can one find a Poirot DVD?

The Agatha Christie "Poirot" series, books, books and DVD's have many retail outlets all over the internet. It may be possible to find the required Poirot DVD for sale on such sites as Amazon that offer complete boxed series on DVD.

Which character did Agatha Christie create?

her books can be divided into 4 categories: 1. random crime novels with no 1 charcter 2. novels that feature her character "miss marple" 3. novels that feature her character "hercule Poirot" 4. novels that feature her, married, characters "tommy and tuppence"

Are there any free kindle books by Agatha Christie?

Just search on Agatha Christie and look at the prices.

Does Agatha Christie's books have sequels?

Not really. All books follow on from one another, Hercule Poirot's follow on from one another, etc. They may have certain references to other books in, but generally no. The only book that might be considered to have a sequel is the first Hercule Poirot, 'The Mysterious Affair At Styles' The last book in the Hercule Poirot series 'Curtains: Poirot's Last Case' is also set at Styles, so I recommend that you read 'Mysterious Affair...' before you read '...Poirot's Last Case'

How old was Agatha Christie when she started writing books?

Agatha Christie wrote her first mystery in 1916 at the age of 26.

How many books has Agatha Christie written-?

Agatha Christie wrote approximately 80 novels and many short stories.

What genre is Agatha Christie?

Agatha Christie wrote a lot of books in differant genres. Her most popular genre is mystery, though.

And then they were none by Agatha Christie?

If that's what you're asking yes and then there were none is by agatha christie one of the best books i have ever read.

What was Agatha Christie's 1934 novel called?

What Books did Agatha Christie write in 1934 ?

Where can one buy Agatha Christie audio books?

you can use this website for Audio books for take somebooks as free for first try

Which are the best books of Agatha Christie?

The murder of roger ackroyd

Which mystery writer has sold the most books?

agatha christie

What are the best known Agatha Christie books?

There are many novels written by Agatha Christie. The most popular type of books written by Agatha Christie are the detective novels featuring characters such as Miss Marple. Popular titles include: Five Little Pigs and Crooked House.

How many books did Agatha Christie write?

+ 82 as Agatha Christie + 6 under the pen name Mary Westmacott + 2 as Christie Mallowan + her autobiography = 91 total

How many books did Christie Agatha sell?

She sold around four billion books.

How many books has Agatha Christie sold?

Over two billion