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Babe Ruth retired in 1935 with 714 career Home Runs, Lou Gehrig was second in career home runs with 338, Jimmy Foxx third with 302, and Roger Hornsby with 300 in fourth place to complete the 300 Home Run Club. In 1921 Babe Ruth passed the career home run leader, Roger Connor who had 138 home runs. The Babe finished the season with 168 career home runs.


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Babe Ruth is the greatest baseball player in history because his sixty homers wasn't matched until Roger Maris broke the record in 1961 when Maris hit 61 homers.

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Babe Ruth appeared in only five games for the Boston Red Sox in 1914 and didn't hit any homers. The next season, he hit four.

Babe Ruth hit 41 home runs in 1932. Jimmy Foxx of the Philadelphia Athletics led the Majors with 58 homers that year.

Hank Aaron hit 755 homers Babe Ruth hit 700 the answer is 55 ----- Aaron hit 755 home runs and Ruth hit 714 home runs for a difference of 39.

Roger Connor held the record for career home runs with 138, until Babe Ruth broke the record in 1921 when he hit number 139.

Babe Ruth has two girls

Babe Ruth had 2,213 RBI's in his career.

Babe Ruth had 2,873 career hits.

Babe Ruth had 8,398 career at bats.

Babe Ruth was MVP 1 time.

Babe Ruth I think has 5 suspensions.

apparently Babe Ruth is an orphan, so it is unknown

In his MLB career, Babe Ruth drew 2,062 walks.

There were 49 states in America when Babe Ruth was alive

Babe Ruth led the AL in home runs from 1926 till 1931 (last year was a tie) -- a streak of six consecutive seasons. Jimmie Foxx hit 58 homers in 1932, ending Ruth's streak.

Babe Ruth hit 60 home runs in 1927 breaking his own single season home run record of 59 set in 1921.

None ... Babe Ruth never participated in an Olympic Games.

Babe Ruth had around 1517 singles in his baseball career.(:

Babe Ruth hit 136 triple during his career.

Babe Ruth hit 714 career home runs.

Babe Ruth had 17 stolen bases in 1921.

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