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Well this is a good question, you should visit this website they have all detail comparison about linux distributions.

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There are believed to be over 600 Linux distributions, not all of which are active.

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Q: How many Linux distributions are there?
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What are questions about obsolete Linux distributions?

This is a holding question for alternates dealing with long-obsolete Linux distributions, such as Red Hat Linux 9. Please do not split the alternates out. There is no reason to use these distributions; they no longer receive any security updates, may not run on modern hardware, and many modern Linux distributions are free.

What are some popular Linux distributions?

Opinions are varied on what are the most popular Linux distributions. Some of the Linux distributions that are recently receiving the most attention are Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, Mageia, and Mint Linux.

What Linux distribution is for home use?

Many Linux distributions are intended for home users.

How are Linux distributions categorized?

There are many ways to categorize Linux distributions. You can categorize them by their size, whether they run on a LiveCD, whether they are provided gratis, their ancestry of other Linux distros, and the purpose the distro is meant to serve.

How many distributions of Linux are available?

probably many dozens, if not hundreds.

How many distributions are there for Linux?

Approximately over 300 total.

What are some Ubuntu based Linux distributions?

A few of the many Ubuntu-based Linux distributions are: Edubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Fluxbuntu, Ubuntu Studio, Scibuntu, Linux Mint, Ubuntu Multi-media, Ubuntu Muslim, Guadalinex, and MoLinux.

What is the latest Linux distribution?

As the Linux kernel gets upgraded, so do all distributions who subscribe to these changes. So, in a sense, most modern Linux distributions are equally new.

What license does Linux adhere?

Unlike Microsoft Windows, you don't need a license to download, use, copy or give away Linux or the many distributions associated with it. Linux is actually the kernel (the heart) from which many distributions of open source operating systems radiate outwards. Ubuntu, Linux Mint, are just two of many popular operating systems that are entirely free.

Why are they so many distributions of Linux?

The open source model allows the freedom for anyone to view, modify, and distribute source code. The Linux kernel and the many distributions that uses it are released under any given open-source license which allows anyone to build their own Linux distribution at will.

How secure is the Linux operating system?

Linux is the kernel, from which many distributions (Ubuntu, Linux Mint, to name but two) radiate. Compared to Windows, Linux distros are considered to be more secure.

Can you get Linux XP for free?

There is no such thing as "Linux XP". If you're referring to Windows XP, then the answer is no. As far as Linux distributions, for the majority of distributions, they are free (as in freedom) and free-of-charge.

Is Linux a free operating system?

Most Linux distributions are free

What are the applications and devices that Linux can support?

Linux distributions can support hundreds of thousands of devices and programs, far too many to list.

Can c be used on Linux operating system?

GCC is already for the most part preinstalled in many, if not all, GNU/Linux distributions.

Is linux part Microsoft?

The Linux kernel and the many off-shoot operating system distributions (Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and so on) are classed as open source and have nothing to do with Microsoft.

How do you install operating system in Linux?

Many distributions have documentation or builtin graphical installation utilities.

What is difference between Linux and ubuntu?

1.Linux is a generic term which is a kernel and has several distributions, whereas Ubuntu is one of the Linux kernel-based distribution. 2.Linux started its journey in 1991, whereas Ubuntu took off in 2004. 3.Linux was initially predominant among servers, making it hardly user-friendly among home and office users, whereas with the advent of Ubuntu, which was available on desktop computers, now becoming more receptive and friendly with home and office users. 4.Several Linux distributions are available like Fedora, Suse, Debian and so on, whereas Ubuntu is one such desktop-based distribution based on Linux kernel. 5.Linux is based on the Linux kernel, whereas Ubuntu is based on the Linux system and is one project or distribution. 6.Linux is secure, and most of the Linux distributions do not need anti-virus to install, whereas Ubuntu, a desktop-based operating system, is super-secure among Linux distributions. 7.Some of the Linux distributions are not desktop-based and dominant among servers, whereas Ubuntu is one of the desktop-based, is more user-friendly as compared to other Linux distribution.

What is the least amoun of money you'll pay for Linux?

Nothing. Most Linux distributions are free of charge. There are some distributions that are commercially sold, though those sales are more likely subscriptions for support, not for the Linux distribution itself.

Linux is distributed by several different companies whose versions of Linux are sometimes called what?


How many servers are there in Linux?

Linux is an open source Kernel a key element in any operating system responsible amongst other things for managing memory. A Linux distribution is an operating system based on the Linux kernel, there are many Linux distributions. Please reword the question.

What is the default shell in most of the Linux distributions?


What are versions of Linux sometimes called?

"Distros", or distributions.

What is kernal in Linux?

the kernal is the central part of the Linux operating system and determines how the system works - all distributions of Linux are based on this.

What components are found in all Linux distributions?

The Linux kernel. Beyond that, there are numerous alternative implementations of virtually every Linux program.