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How many Liverpool players have won world cup medals?

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Ian Callaghan and Roger Hunt

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How many Liverpool players are in the 2010 world cup?


How many players in Liverpool football team?

There are 33 players in the football team 'Liverpool' They are the best 33 players in the world.. im Liverpool born and bread!!!!!!!! any other people are talkin BC

How many Celtic players have won world cup medals?

There are three two French and one Italian.

How many black players have played for Liverpool?


How many players have played for both Arsenal and Liverpool?


How many players have played for Liverpool?

over 1000 easily

How many players have scored on their Liverpool FC debut?


How many players play for Liverpool football club?

a lot

How many players are there in the liverpoll football club?

Including reserves, there are 44 players on the Liverpool squad.

How many Liverpool players have scored a hat trick in the fa premier league?

From the start of the premier league Liverpool have had 42 players score a hat trick the latest was Suarez

How many football players on the field at one time?

Well eleven on one team say... Liverpool. And eleven on the other... Chelsea perhaps. Liverpool Players, plus Chelsea players is twentytwo. 11+11=22.

How many times has Liverpool participated in a world cup tournament?

Liverpool can not participate at a world cup.

How many spanish players have played for Liverpool through Liverpool's history?

Pepe Reina, Xavi Alonso, Reira, Fernando Torres , Luis garcia, are the Spanish players to play for Liverpool.

How many players have played for Dundee United and Liverpool?

One - Ron Yeats.

How many ex Liverpool players are still playing in the premier league?

2 2

How many players have played for Liverpool FC with a 'z' in their name?


How many Liverpool players with names ending in letter a have scored in champions league?


How many fooball players get Champions League Final Winner's medals?

All of the players on the winnig team get a winners medal

How many English players play for Liverpool?

Only two, Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher.

How many English players played for Liverpool fc in the 1986 fa cup Final?


How many times did Liverpool win fifa club world cup?

Liverpool can only win the e..p.L and not the world cup.

How many Rangers players have won world cup medals?

Charbonnier, guivarch and gattuso are the only players to have the medals when they played for rangers Stephane Guivarch and Lionel Charbonnier won in 1998 for France, Gennaro Gattuso won his medal in 2006 for Italy. Two players have runners-up medals, Claudio Caniggia (Argentina 1990) and Van Bronckhorst for Holland 2010. No player has won the medal while being a Rangers player at the time.

How many gold medals did football players win in the summer Olympics?

There was a few, but mainly about 7 :)

How many world medals has Jamaica won?

As many as 61

How many football trophies have Liverpool won?

Liverpool has won a lot of trophies and is the best team in the world.