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Theres 116 athletes in 2012 Olympics

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in canada,they participate 206 athletes.and in usa, they participate 216 athletes, at least it think

10,625 athletes participated in the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens. 2,508 athletes participated in the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin.

15 athletes from the Philippines are scheduled to participate in Archery, Athletics, Boxing, Diving, Shooting, Swimming, Taekwondo, and Weightlifting.

293 athletes for London Olympics.

how many countries were expected to send athletes to the olympics.

how many canadian athletes in winter olympics?

How many Greek athletes participated in the Olympics of Beijing

There was no Olympics in 2013. 2012 London Olympics had 10,568 athletes compete. 2014 Sochi Olympics had about 2,800 athletes compete.

There are 9 athletes for Ghana in the 2008 Olympics.

The US has 529 athletes in the 2012 Olympics.

203 countries currently participate in the Olympics

216 countries will participate in 2012 Olympics.....

Samoa sent six athletes to the 2008 Games to participate in archery, athletics, boxing, canoeing, swimming, and weightlifting.

In the 2010 winter Olympics Finland has 95 athletes.

Sexual orientation is not a factor in who can and cannot participate in any Olympic competition. There is nothing stopping them from participating and I'm sure there were many athletes competing.

88 nations will participate in the 2014 Olympics.

252 athletes competed at the 1932 Winter Olympics.

Slovakia has 46 athletes competing in the 2012 olympics

2,622 athletes participated in 2010 winter olympics.

Russia has 226 athletes competing in the 2014 Olympics.

Poland typically has many athletes at the Summer Olympics. In the most recent Olympics (2012), Poland sent 218 athletes and won a total of 10 medals.

The Olympics were not held in 1978.