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If you mean, employed by Motocross Race Teams, "very few", the talent level of the competition is extremely high, so teams look for the very best all over the World. A Motocross Rider must be good enough to catch the eye of the Team, then show promise and the ability to win.


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They take many vacations. Trust me, I race.

It would be impossible to answer that. With all of the local tracks and amateur motocrossers worldwide, it is safe to say it would be in the millions.

anywhere from 40 to 60 riders or less it depends on the amount of gates you have for the riders

there are many here are some: supercross arena cross motocross freestyle motocross indoor motocross outdoor motocross

There are many large prizes that a pro motocross racer can win each year. The most notable are the X-Games event gold medals and the AMA Motocross Championship.

it depends on how many people are liking motocross and how many people are passionate

Motocross racers have to know some trigonometry, and definetely algebra. They have to figure out how fast they need to go and what tragectory is needed to clear a double. They have to know about gear selection in the trasmission and how many teeth are needed on each sprocket to get the desired acceleration and ideal rpm range for each track. They have to take into account their weight and how much the bike weighs to reach the ideal horsepower to weight ratios. With that, they also have to know how to count calories to reach the forsaid body weight. With body weight comes the need for the proper spring tension and rebound and compression valving in the shocks. Setting rider sag on this suspension uses formulas from algebra. The list goes on and on.

alot of motocross racers (like me) can get hurt from not wearing the back of their chest protecters and get landed on or stabed in the back with a footpeg. Believe me it HURTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Equipment is extremely important, there would be alot less injuries if people who ride, (not just motocross) wear the right equipment. You have to make a decision how important you/your body is and how much you enjoy riding, its hard to enjoy riding if you have a broken leg, arm, ankle, wrist, etc., having the right equipment can save you from many injuries even death. Start with the best Helmet money can buy, good goggles, get the new Hahns device for the neck, (they're like the Nascar drivers wear, only for motorcycle racers) and yes a chest protector, front and back, a good jersey, motocross pants with shin & knee guards, good gloves, and the best motocross boots you can get. As far as how many get hurt riding motocross, the number keeps rising, to many to count. I was in a race where a fellow racer bought a cheap 3/4 face helmet from a department store, he fell after a jump and the bike behind him couldn't miss him, that was my first experience with a tragedy at a motocross race. "Wear all the proper/best equipment you can get"In a nut shell to many. Come on get smart ware gear I have a broken arm and leg because of it. I

Many don't make money from races. It's being sponsored by companies that get racers paid. And most sponsors would want a good racer to represent them.

There are many videos of Motocross crashes posted on YouTube. There is also a DVD compilation of Motocross crashes called Crash Kings Motocross, which can be purchased from amazon and many other online retailers.

Many say yes, some say no, some say Soccer is #1, while others say Motocross is #1, myself I think Motocross is, think about it, wrestling your weight, and the weight of the bike around and maintaining absolute balance and control for well over 30 minutes, nonstop, no breaks, no walking, no substitutions, or waiting for penalties, etc., top level Motocross riders have the best conditioning in the world.

over 7.5 billion people world wide ride motocross.

3 Potty Racers games have been released so far.

Ryan Villipoto is a famous motocross racer who won the 2011 title and many many more titles

about 30 people race in a motocross and u race all around the world

Any would be too many. Proper precautions and schooling cut down on the risk involved. yes there are many deaths in motocross. There are at least 10 times more deaths in car accidents than there are in motocross related accidents.

10 percent of accountants were self-employed.

Very few. You have to be a top competitor. usually with multiple titles and a loretta lyyns victory

the answer to how many people where employed in Utah is the number of 6,000,000,000,

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