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How many Nazi soldiers were there?

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scroll to bottomGermany's population at the beginning of WWII was Approximatel 70 million. Of that, 8.5 million were official members of the Nazi Party (approx 12.14% of Germany's population).
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How many Nazi soldiers were assigned to The Warsaw Ghetto?

not many, there were not soldiers in the ghetto, unless they were sent on a task. There were Nazi guards on the gates, so it will be about a gross or two.

How many nazi soldiers were in Auschwitz?

around 7000

What is a nazi in World War 2?

Nazi is a type of government (Hitler was a Nazi) and they had their own soldiers (Hitler's soldiers).

How many Nazi Soldiers died in World War 2?


Are Nazi storm elite soldiers real?

Elite Nazi storm troopers were a real group of specialized soldiers in WWII.

How many nazi soldiers invaded russia?

Over four and a half million axis soldiers invaded the soviet union in 1941.

How many nazi soldiers worked in concentration camps?

About 25,000 worked in the Concentration Camps.

What vehicles did Nazi soldiers drive?

The Kubelwagen-82, which was the Nazi equivalent of the Jeep.

How many casualties was on each side during the Battle of Stalingrad?

Nazi Germany lost 841,000 Soldiers and the USSR lost 1,129,619 soldiers.

Is a Nazi a German soldier?

Nazi is short for National Socialist Party. If you belonged to Hitler's political party, you were a Nazi. Not all German soldiers and quite frankly most were not members of the party. But, they did have to swear an allegiance to Hitler. You can say they were Nazi soldiers but not all German soldiers were Officially members of the party.

Why were Nazi women encouraged to have as many children as possible?

The idea was to produce lots of future soldiers.

Where were the Nazi soldiers sent after the holocaust aftermath?

The Nazi Soldiers who were fighting for their country were either captured and jailed, or even became civilians themselves However, higher ranked officers in the nazi party were tried for war crimes, and many were killed. Some of them suicided to prevent being caught.

Facts about nazi soldiers?

who is adolf hitler

How young were nazi soldiers?

By the end of the war, Germans as young as ten (10) were being given guns and required to fight. But most of them were not members of the Nazi Party and could not truly be called Nazi soldiers. They were German soldiers in an army and a country run by Nazis.

What happened to regular low ranking Nazi soldiers after the war?

The regular low ranking Nazi soldiers were absorbed by the government after the war. There are others who did opt to retire.

Nazi flag that was signed by the US soldiers who helped liberate Germany Is it of any value?

this is the signed Nazi flag It is signed by the US soldiers. It even has blood on it.

How do the acts committed by nazi soldiers and Hitler compare to modern gang activity?

Nazi soldiers were tools of the state modern gangs are fighting against the state.

What happen to the nazi soldiers after the war was over?


What types of Nazi soldiers were at Auschwitz?

SS units

What are some other names for Nazi soldiers?

Nazi, Fascist, Jerry and there are some more just don't remember them.

Who were the defendants of the Nuremberg trails?

Nazi related officials and soldiers.

Who were the flops that guarded the Jews Warsaw ghetto?

Nazi soldiers.

Who rescued prisoners from the nazi terror machine?

American soldiers

What role did the Nazi soldiers have in the Holocaust?

It was Nazi SS (and SD) men who organized the Holocaust and carried out the killings. Incidentally, I don't think that people who murder unarmed civilians deserve to be called soldiers. After all, real soldiers risk their own lives.

What did US soldiers not find when they liberated concentration camps?

Nazi soldiers Slaughtered SS members Fierce resistance