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how many Oscars have dirty dancing won

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Q: How many Oscars dirty dancing get?
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Who was the Producer in dirty dancing?

=Dirty Dancing was produced by Linda Gottlieb.=

Who directed Dirty Dancing?

Emile Ardolino directed dirty dancing

What is the duration of Dirty Dancing?

The duration of Dirty Dancing is 1.67 hours.

What was the theme tune to dirty dancing?

what was the theme tune to dirty dancing

When was Dirty Dancing created?

Dirty Dancing was created on 1987-08-21.

When was Ultimate Dirty Dancing created?

Ultimate Dirty Dancing was created in 2003.

When was More Dirty Dancing created?

More Dirty Dancing was created in 1988.

What year did the movie dirty dancing come out?

There are many Romantic Movies available to watch. Dirty Dancing was a very good romantic drama movie, that came out in 1987.

How many different types of dances are preformed in the movie dirty dancing?

to many.

How long is the movie Dirty Dancing in minutes?

Dirty Dancing is 100 minutes long.

Is Baby the oldest daughter in the dirty dancing movie?

No, She is the younger sister in Dirty Dancing.

Who was the manager of kellermans in dirty dancing?

Max Kellerman is the manager of Kellerman's in Dirty Dancing.