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None. He was never even nominated for an Oscar.

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How many Oscars did Lawrence of Arabia win?

Awards:Won 7 Oscars. Another 19 wins & 12 nominations. Source: IMDb

How many Oscars did Olivier win?

Lawrence Olivier won one Oscar for best actor and two Oscars as Honorary Awards.

How many Oscars did V for Vendetta win?

It did not win any Oscars.

How many Oscars did Martin Landau win?

One. Martin Landau won the Oscar for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for: Ed Wood (1994)

How many Oscars has martin scorsese won?

Scorsese's only Oscar win was the 2006 Best Director award he won for "The Departed."

How many Oscars did The Dark Knight Rises win?

The Dark Knight Rises did not win any Oscars, but the Dark Knight won two Oscars.

How many Oscars did revoulutionary road win?

Revolutionary Road was nominated for 3 Oscars but didn't win any.

How many Oscars did Black Night win?

None. It wasn't nominated for any Oscars.

How many Oscars did Ghost Town win?

Zero - Ghost Town (2008) did not win any Oscar. It was not nominated for any Oscars.

Did Jennifer Lawrence win an award at the Oscars?

In 2013 she won the Best Actress award for her role in Silver Linings Playbook.

How many Oscars did Speed win?

It was nominated for 3 Oscars, and of those 3 it won 2.

How many Oscars did doctor zhivago win?

how many ocars did doctor zhivago win

Did Tim Burton win any Oscars?

He was nominated for 2 Oscars, but did not win.

How many Oscars did Casablanca win?

Casablanca won three Oscars: Best Picture, Director and Screenplay.

How many Oscars did Westside win?

westside won 1 or most 2 Oscars but didnt succedd \\

How many Oscars did Gone With the Wind win and what was the year?

The movie 'Gone With the Wind' won 8 Oscars.

How many Oscars did rocky 3 win?

Rocky 3 didn't win any Oscars. It was nominated for Best Original Song for "Eye of the Tiger"

How many Oscars can somebody win?

There is no limit. The more the merrier.

How many Oscars has Mike Myers won?

As of March 2010, Mike Myers has won zero (0) Oscars. (Comedians seldom win Oscars.)

How many Oscars did the1997 movie Titanic win?

Titanic won 11 Oscars, including Best Picture.

How many Oscars did The Turning Point win?

It did not win any. It got 11 nominations, but no wins.

What movie did not win the grand slam at the Oscars?

American Beauty did not win the grand slam at the Oscars.

How many Oscars did the film 'A Hard Day's Night' win?

It didn't win any Oscars. It was nominated for two: Best Screenplay and Best Score.

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