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There are 12 currently airworthy with another 5 known to be undergoing restoration. At least 3 of the P-38's being restored are listed as being returned to airworthiness.

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Q: How many P-38 Lightning are still flying?
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Name of World War 2 airplane engine that begins with A?

Allison. As used in the P38 Lightning for example.

What type of plane does a player pilot in the 1987 scrolling shooter arcade game 1943 Battle of Midway?

P38 Lightning

What conflicts has the Lockheed P38 been used in?

The Lockheed P38 Lightning was an American fighter aircraft developed to meet the requirements of the U.S. Army Air Corps in 1937. If was used throughout the United States involvement in World War II.

What does the p stand for in the p38 military can opener?

The name "P38" is a slang term, and not an official name. The original P38 was the German 9mm Pistol (P) made in 1938 (38). The name was borrowed for the C-Ration opener. Still have mine on my dogtags!

How variations of the p38 mustang were there?

The P-38 was the Lightning, not the Mustang. There were at least 14 fighter versions plus two photo-recce and a night fighter.

How many makers was there of P38 pistols?

Two. Walther and Mauser

When was P38 9mm serial 084620 produced?

Try the P38 forum.

Download range rover p38 manual?

range rover p38 manual

How many gallons of coolant needed for range rover p38?

11.3 Litres

How many liters oil range rover p38 2.5 td?


How do you clean a Ruger P38 9mm?

Ruger never made a model called the P38.

Can a Walther P38 be traced by serial number to person to whom it was issued?

If the records were still in existence and if you could gain access to the records, maybe.