Best Answer lists 100 games per page when browsing ALL GAMES. There are 256 pages of games. That gives an estimate of 256 x 100 25,600 games released as independent titles. This does not count separately the titles that claim to be something like 25 different versions of Mah Jong on one disc. That would simply count as one game in this scenario.

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Impossible to answer since no one tracks or creates a list of 'every game ever made'

Needless to say there are many hundreds of millions of copies of PC games sold around the world.

Even narrowing that down to 'how many different PC games' are there (as opposed to how many copies of games), the answer is still too many to count. New games are released daily, thousands per year are created.

The number is so large because it's not really that hard to make PC games, people do it every day as a hobby. Flash games in particular in recent years have allowed for rapid development of games even by amateur developers at home.

To narrow down the scope even further, ignoring simple flash games and hobby/enthusiast created games than there are still 10's of thousands of professionally made and released PC games around the world.

One company in particular comes to mind: Big Fish Games; their motto 'a new game every day' has been a promise they have kept for over a decade, releasing more than 365 games a year with over 4000 games released to date.

The casual games market (of which Big Fish is a dominant leader) accounts for thousands of games every year. These are typically 2D styled games that use older, well established hardware platforms. Many game companies thrive in the casual market due to the low costs of development and fast track development times.

At the other extreme are so called 'hardcore' games or triple-A titles, the games which require larger development teams and higher budgets due to technical hurdles and pushing the boundaries of PC hardware. Well known companies such as Blizzard may only release a new game every few years (instead of every day). But, there are still quite a few 'triple-A' or big budget game developers. There are at least several thousand high-end games.

As a very rough estimate anywhere from 50 to 100 'big budget' type games are released each year (around the world), that would easily be 3000 or more in the last 20 to 30 years. But like I said, that accounts for only a small portion of the PC games market as a whole, casual games created are 10x as common; and the amateur and flash games segment is even larger (there are flash game sites that host over 10,000 games, each)

The reality is that in any given market (or country) only a small number of games created actually get a marketing budget and advertising to make them well known; and of course many of the flash and amateur games are copies or remakes of other flash games, often created by students trying to learn-by-doing. So how many PC games are there? countless millions; how many actually matter? That's going to depend on the context, how many have made money? how many are world renown? how many have been critically acclaimed? Even the best sellers list is going to vary from one country to the next.

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There are literally hundreds of PC role playing games available to play. Some games are rated better than others, so doing some research of what is currently highly rated will give you the best gaming experience.

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hundreads of thousand there are to many to count or even try to count because there may not have been fully commmercial or non commercial and there are just too many.

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Q: How many PC role playing games are there?
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