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There are 493 unique Pokemon in all.

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Q: How many Pokemon are there in exact?
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How many Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

150 149 to be exact

How many pokemon fans like raquaza exact number?

This is not something that you can get an exact number for.

Can evolve a Pokemon to the exact Pokemon in the cards?

No you cant

How many Pokemon can you catch in diamond?

about 150 Pokemon . Unless you want to count legendary about 160.???????????????? I don't know the exact amount!!!!!!!!!!

How do you level up Pokemon on Pokemon indigo?

Its the exact same as the Pokemon video games just defeat as many Pokemon as you can until your Pokemon receives enough exp points to level up.

How many cheats are there for Pokemon platinum?

I'm Sorry But There Is No Exact Number Because There Are Loads And Loads!

What will be the exact number of Pokemon?

There have been 493 Pokemon since 2007

How many Pokemon can you recruit on Pokemon explorers of darkness?

Pokemon isn't gay, thereffore i don't know but i would predict about 500 Pokemon can be recruited. the one that is more exact is around 491

Pokemon Yellow version?

Be more exact.

Where is the exact location of the key in petalberg's gym in Pokemon perla not on pearl?

where is the exact location of the key to open the petalberg's gym in pokemon perla not on pearl?

Who are the 493 Pokemon in Soulsilver?

The exact same ones that are in Pokemon Diamond. And Pokemon Platinum. And Pokemon Pearl. AND in EVERY OTHER Pokemon game.

What level before you learn a sleep powder in Pokemon silver?

The exact level depends on which Pokemon it is.

Where to get all the Pokemon in Pokemon ruby?

all over the place. go to to get exact locations on any Pokemon. that's what i do.

Pokemon Platinum is shiny Pokemon are stronger?

no, shiny Pokemon have the exact same stats as normal one's they are just a different colour

What Pokemon game is coming out in January?

yes there is but is an exact remake of gold and silver and they don't have the new Pokemon in it .

Which exact way do you go to get to the old man in Pokemon SoulSilver?

There are many old men in Pokemon SoulSilver. Thus, it is impossible to tell every route to get to every old man in SoulSilver.

How do you play zatchbell?

Basically the same exact way you play pokemon.

What games have Arceus?

Pokemon to be exact dimond and pearl version on a ds

How do you find Pokemon modifier in Pokemon emerald?

there is a modifier but i dont know the exact codes!good lock on finding them

Is mount coronet in the same exact place in Pokemon platinum as in Pokemon dp?

hell no theres a new wall

How do you make a pokeball work like a masterball in Pokemon diamond?

When you get the pokemon in the ball, you'll see it flash white once. At that exact moment, hold in the A button. Keep it held in until the pokemon is caught. If you don't do it at that exact moment, it won't work!

What is the exact route that you need to take in Pokemon AshGray provided you want to follow Ash's same exact path including the proper placements of a few episodes that were moved to a later date?

The exact route that you need to take in Pokemon AshGray is the the route 20 farm.

Which is better Charizard or Dragonite?

It all depends on the exact Pokemon you have, but if they are trained the exact same way Dragonite is stronger than Charizard, as most Dragon type Pokemon are stronger than other types.

How many syllables does the word exact have?

exact has two syllables

How many bones are in your body exact?

206 bones exact